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Roast fans so furious at mum serving Christmas dinner on kebab skewers they don’t spot bigger error

Roast fans so furious at mum serving Christmas dinner on kebab skewers they don’t spot bigger error

Yep, she literally shoved the dinner on a skewer instead of a plate

Sure, there’s all the presents, the precious time spent with family and the iconic films to watch but let’s be real, Christmas is all about the big event.

The dinner, obviously. Sure, it’s essentially a glorified roast dinner. But it’s the best of them all – and us Brits love to get defensive about what is correct on a Christmas dinner.

So, when this woman served hers on kebab skewers, people lost it. The roast fans were furious (somewhat understandably). Although they were so angry they missed one big thing.

I mean, she literally shoved bits of veg on a stick, skewering our hearts with it. OK, that’s dramatic, just watch the video:

Katie Fox served up the Christmas dinner kebabs for her partner, niece and friend one late evening after work.

The 35-year-old cooked a load of pigs in blankets and roast potatoes in the trusty air fryer as well as some boiled sprouts, carrots, stuffing balls and of course, Yorkshire puddings.

Then, instead of plopping them on a plate, she skewered them onto 10-inch kebab sticks.

The Yorkshire woman explained: "We wanted to have a Christmassy night in. I just wanted to make it a little bit special for the girls.

"We went to B&M and got some hot chocolate packs and some baking stuff and it snowballed from there."

Katie was made up with the skewers.
Kennedy News and Media

And get this, she didn’t even include one major part. Although only one troll pointed it out.

Katie was surprised that 'nobody noticed there was no turkey'. When one user pointed out, she replied 'finally someone noticed'.

Leaving out the roast meat, she could keep prices low and save time.

Minus the bird, Katie says her unique feast was a bargain as she bagged the pigs in blankets for £2 and veg for just 20p each from Lidl - meaning it cost less than £7 for four people.

But despite cooking up the delicious roast bits, she’s had backlash from roast lovers who brand skewering the meal a 'pointless exercise' claiming she should 'just stick it on the bloody plate'.

She says the skewers were cheap to make.
Kennedy News and Media

Katie continued: “I was trying to keep costs down, which is probably the reason why there's not turkey on it. It also takes ages to cook.”

She’s already planning to do it again when she has friends over for 'shock value' - and was quick to skewer any trolls who tried to roast her for the festive feast.

Katie added: "I do pride myself on my dinners, especially my roasts it's a staple in our house on a Sunday.

"However the people that are going 'oh that's ridiculous why would you do that? What a waste of time' basically need to have a laugh."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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