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Mum creeped out after looking back at old family photo and spotting terrifying figure

Mum creeped out after looking back at old family photo and spotting terrifying figure

Apparently her son used to warn her about a 'man' who wanted 'to kill her'

A mum was left creeped out after she spotted a terrifying figure in an old family photo.

Amy Hawryuk was flicking through old snaps from a family party when she came across a picture of her, her son Leo Sayers and sister Chloe.

But in the background, there appeared to be a figure of what the 42-year-old believes to be a ‘man in a tracksuit’.

And even more creepily, she reckons this eery shadow explains Leo’s ‘strange’ behaviour as a toddler.

Amy insists the only bloke in the Birmingham house for her party was her dad – who took the photo.

She explained: “I was showing my boyfriend [Damion Mucklow, 38] old family photos and straight away he asked what that was in the doorway.

"I was taken aback. The figure looks like a black silhouette of a man, and it looks like he's in a tracksuit kind of thing.”

The 'figure' in the photo.
Kennedy News & Media

Apparently around the time of this Halloween party, Leo would tell his mum ‘he saw a man in a tracksuit’.

“We ended up taking him to [the doctor] because I'd never seen anyone,” Amy explained.

"He said that the person he kept seeing was going to kill me, so obviously I was concerned about that. Now it makes sense that he used to say that and I feel bad that I didn't believe him at the time.”

The mum claims as Leo got older he ‘never said it again’ and when she showed the now 16-year-old the photo, he said he wasn’t aware it was something he ever said.

"I suppose I believe he was seeing someone back then. I'm glad I didn't believe him though, because I'd have freaked out and thank god I'd moved out of the house when I saw it.”

Amy says a ‘lot of people’ have looked into the photo and reckon it’s ‘genuine’.

Leo thinks it was a 'warning'.
Kennedy News & Media

"It still spooks me out when I look at it and It's changed my mind on believing in the paranormal. I'm surprised nobody saw it before but unless you're looking for it it's easily missed,” she added.

The mum hasn't shown her dad the photo because she fears it might 'freak him out'.

While he doesn’t remember saying anything to his mum about a ‘man’, her son believes it must have been a ‘warning sign’.

Leo said: "When we saw it it was intense because it was someone behind us. It was kind of scary.”

"I don't really remember anything about what I said so I must have forgotten about it.

Amy shared the photo to Facebook and retold the eerie story.

One user commented: "Oh Amy, this is terrifying." Another added: "Wow! That's awesome!"

However one did point out: "It's called motion blur. Someone walked into the background while the picture was being taken. Nothing paranormal."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

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