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People seriously confused after realising ‘Febreeze’ never existed

People seriously confused after realising ‘Febreeze’ never existed

Turns out it was all a dream...

Everyone is lost over the proper spelling of the famous odor freshener - is it 'Febreze' or 'Febreeze'?

It's a question for the ages no doubt, but no-one can seem to agree on how the famous spray is spelt until they look at an actual bottle of the stuff.

Even then though, a lot of social media users are in plain denial over what they're seeing.

Truly bizarre stuff unfolding here.

How do you spell it? (Getty Stock Photo)
How do you spell it? (Getty Stock Photo)

It's incredibly similar to the time that everyone couldn't agree if the Fruit of the Loom logo had a cornucopia or not, as the majority of people were certain that it had one - but it didn't.

If that's not enough for you, Harry Potter fans were torn when they were told that Dudley Dursley (Henry Melling) didn't say 'Wake up, Potter' in the scene where he jumps on the stairs in the Philosopher's Stone, instead saying 'Wake up, Cousin' in the famous movie scene.

Yes, that was enough to send the fanbase into a meltdown.

It's the same with the Monopoly man and his monocle that he actually never had, or Pikachu's tail - the list goes on and on.

But what is all of this called?

The one on the right never existed - in our timeline anyway. (Facebook)
The one on the right never existed - in our timeline anyway. (Facebook)

It is known as the Mandela effect, and if you start going down the rabbit hole and exploring conspiracy theories, you'll probably end up questioning everything in the universe.

The term refers to when a large group of people all 'misremember' the same thing, whether that be an event, a famous logo, or even letters in a word - but no matter what, they will remain certain that they are right.

It has led people to exploring the possibility of a multi-verse, and perhaps our knowledge is getting clouded with our memories from ourselves in a different universe.

Enough jibber-jabber though, whether you believe it or not, 'Febreeze' never existed, and the brand was always called Febreze - no matter what people claim to have seen.

One person posted on Facebook: "I can’t be the only one that’s spelled it 'Febreeze' did it just simply never exist? Who remembers the spelling with 'breeze' in it?"

Another user claimed: "It's been changed. Febreze. I remember when this was first introduced and it was absolutely Febreeze."

Okay pal.

That's more like it. (Noam Galai/Getty Images)
That's more like it. (Noam Galai/Getty Images)

In fact, someone heavily denied the reality of this so much on Reddit, that they posted: "Go on instagram. Type febreeze in the search hashtag. People are posting #febreeze with a picture of 'febreze',

"Also urban dictionary has a fair amount of 'febreeze' definitions," titling the post 'Febreeze/Febreze proof'.

The comments on Facebook continued to rage on, though.

Another user theorised: "'They' relish in deleting history so they can make their own and anything they can use to alter it, they will!! Keep the sheep on their toes… know what I’m saying peeps"

A fifth finally cleared it up: "It's simple really, our brains associate the word breeze with febreze."

Some sense. Or maybe the multi-verse is real, I don't know.

LADbible has contacted P&G for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images/Febreze

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