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'Man learns hard way that he's not a wizard' after running into the real platform 9 3/4

'Man learns hard way that he's not a wizard' after running into the real platform 9 3/4

The man crashed into the barriers of Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, made famous by Harry Potter

A Harry Potter fan learned the hard way that he wouldn’t be studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for that academic year when he went careering straight into the wall at Platform 9¾ and it didn’t open.

For those who might not be aware – and frankly, what are you doing here if you don’t? – the platform at Kings Cross Station in London is where anyone wishing to spend the year at Hogwarts departs on the first day of school, boarding the Hogwarts Express train.

Of course, it’s not real, but that doesn’t stop thousands of people flocking to the station to see the platform entrance that has been mocked up at the real station.

It’s become quite the tourist attraction, in fact.

However, one prankster decided to take things too far and made a bit of a scene at the site of the attraction back in 2018, crashing straight into the brick wall.

Arriving on the scene quicker than you can shout ‘accio idiot’, the man bashed straight into the brick wall – obviously – and then ended up on the floor.

The man absolutely decked it into the wall.

“F***, it’s closed,” he then shouted before running off as quickly as he arrived.

It must have hurt, that’s for sure.

We know precious little about the identity of this trickster, but we can be pretty sure that he was doing it for clout.

After all, that’s why anyone does anything, right?

It all took place back in 2018, so we’re unlikely to be getting any new quotes on the matter.

It’s quite funny to watch, though.

The whole stunt is clearly a reference to the second Harry Potter book, entitled ‘The Chamber of Secrets’.

In that instalment of JK Rowling’s magical series, Harry and his hapless mate Ron Weasley attempt to get through the magical door onto the platform, only for them to bounce off it with their luggage trolleys, leaving themselves scattered across the floor.

It turned out that – on that occasion – it was because the House Elf Dobby had sealed the door in an attempt to stop Harry from travelling to Hogwarts, rather than the fact that it simply doesn’t exist and magic isn’t real.

No sooner had he hit the wall, he was off.

Under the video, the prankster managed to get some kudos, at least.

“Can we just admire how he jumped over the barrier like it's the Olympics?” read one comment.

“I like how many people are looking at him like HE's crazy as they wait in a massive line to stand next to a brick wall,” wrote another.

“He definitely is a wizard since he disappeared as quickly as he appeared,” said a third.

Featured Image Credit: Storyful

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