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Woman reveals how to get rid of 'The Yellow Pillow' that all men have

Woman reveals how to get rid of 'The Yellow Pillow' that all men have

Instead of slipping on a fresh pillow case and ignoring it, try this hack to get rid of the yellow pillow for good

Lying next to your partner and realising they have become part of the yellow pillow brigade is a sure fire way to kill any passion.

Pillow talk just isn't the same when they're resting their head on something that colour which is covered in sickening stains.

But for some reason, blokes just can't part with their beloved yellow pillows that they swear gives them the perfect night's sleep.

After years of nightly use, it's no wonder they change colour due to the body oils and sweat constantly seeping into them.

Most people take the out of sight, out of mind approach - as slipping on a fresh pillow case is a swift way to hide the ugliness.

But it turns out there might be a more effective solution to getting rid of the yellow pillow - permanently.

Fans of cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch put their heads together and came up with a foolproof method to banish the dreaded stains.

Apparently, there is a magic product that can eradicate the years of yellowing after a spin in the washing machine.

People have been buzzing with the results of the hack which was shared on the 'Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks' Facebook page.

One domestic goddess explained that her washing technique left her husband's pillow looking 'like new'.

Yellow pillows may be on the way out thanks to this hack.
Getty Stock Image

She wrote: "Well ladies, you all know how yellow our hubby's pillows get. I have in the past sprayed with Pink Stuff and left in the bath for a while, then added it to the wash.

"This was great at first, then it didn’t really work so well at removing tough stains anymore."

The woman explained she decided to substitute her usual laundry ingredients for one scoop of Napisan.

The product is a 'germicidal in-wash stain remover with active oxygen' which promises to remove germs and stains even at low temperatures.

Parents often use Napisan when washing their babies' clothes.

The Mrs Hinch fan added: "In washer on an hour wash on sixty and it’s like new. Wish I’d taken before photos, it’s brilliant."

Adding some Napisan to your wash will hopefully get rid of the yellowing and stains.
Pexels/cottonbro studio

Social media users were sold after taking a look at the accompanying picture of the woman's bright white pillows.

Others explained they had already been using Napisan for whitening purposes and could vouch for its effectiveness.

One wrote: "The stuff is amazing, it’s got me hooked."

Another said: "Napisan really good for getting pillows white."

A third added: "A scoop of this in your washing machine drawer with your usual detergent is the fastest way to whiten your pillows."

And a fourth chimed in: "I use Napisan for all of my whites, haven’t found a stain it can’t remove."

Most pillows can be machine-washed, but make sure you check the label before you chuck them all in.

You can then either air-dry them or throw them in the tumble dryer, but make sure the stuffing doesn't clump up.

Let's bring down the yellow pillow cult, one wash at a time.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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