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Woman's bizarre way of pronouncing broccoli sparks huge debate over how to say it

Woman's bizarre way of pronouncing broccoli sparks huge debate over how to say it

We've never heard it pronounced like that before

Whether it's Pr-eye-mark or Pree-mark, ex-presso or es-presso, there are some words that everyone pronounces differently.

But one we've never come across is how to pronounce the common green veggie, broccoli.

We'd argue that most people pronounce the leafy green as bro-kuh-lee, right?

Well, one woman has shocked the internet after revealing how she pronounces the word, and we just can't stop thinking about it.

Take a look for yourself:

Taking to TikTok to discuss online shopping, mum Kate Young - aka @katelynn.youngg - from Australia, might as well have been talking about something totally different, because all anyone could discuss was how she had pronounced 'broccoli'.

Asking her followers who worked in supermarkets about how produce is packed for online orders, Kate said: "If you pick the items for the online orders, I just have a question - are you, like, not allowed to give us the good produce?

"Because I never get good stuff, and today I bought some broccoli and you pay for broccoli per head, not per kilo.

“I usually get a massive big head of broccoli when I buy it myself, so I’m just curious do you personally pick this produce, and, it’s just like not very good, or I was told you’re not allowed to give us good stuff?"

People were surprised at how Kate was pronouncing 'broccoli'.

Other TikTokers were pretty ruthless in their responses, with one person commenting: "It’s because you’re pronouncing it broccol-eye."

While another said: "BROCK O LAI…. What just happened."

And a third added: "Another day being grateful that I don’t live in Queensland bc otherwise I might say 'broccolie'."

Many thought it was a joke, with another writing: "Are you pronouncing broccoli like that as a joke? "Genuinely curious."

And a fifth said: “I can’t with the broccoli pronunciation."

The mum said she'd never pronounced it any other way.

It seems Kate genuinely had no idea there was any other way of pronouncing the veg, after a string of comments on the video revealed no-one had ever corrected her before.

"I’m not sure if it’s a common thing," she said, before adding: "I literally don’t know how else to say it... Why has no one told me this before?"

One person, however, came to Kate's defence to say that her pronunciation was 'an Australia thing'.

“Literally everyone (Australian) I know pronounces it this way. I only ever hear Broco-LEE as an American pronunciation,” they wrote.

Well, we can confirm that Brits definitely pronounce it bro-kuh-lee.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@katelynn.youngg

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