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Man who spent £12,480 to become a dog terrifies real dogs in the street

Man who spent £12,480 to become a dog terrifies real dogs in the street

He's posted a clip showing the response he gets while out as Toco the dog

The man who spent over £12,000 to fulfil his dream of living life as a dog has shared the reaction he gets while out and about in his incredibly realistic dog suit - and it’s fair to say that real dogs don’t love it.

The Japanese man forked out a whopping £12,480 to become a human-sized rough collie and goes by the name Toco when he’s in dog-mode.

He first hit headlines last year, after clips of his incredibly life-like dog suit were shared online.

Since then, he’s kept people up to date with his experiences as Toco via his YouTube channel ‘I want to be an animal’.

In recent updates he’s revealed that he’s bought himself his own dog crate to sleep in and shared what it was like to go on a walk wearing his leash.

Toco shared a clip showing the response he gets while out.

In a clip posted today (Friday 21 July), Toco shared the reactions he gets from people - and dogs - when he’s out and about, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

In the video, titled Dogs and people's reactions to seeing a realistic dog costume, Toco takes a stroll in a park where humans marvel at his incredible costume and seem to be impressed by the fact he can do tricks.

However, the four-legged park users seem less thrilled to meet Toco - one dog can be seen taking an interest in him, before running away and pulling at his leash, while a women watching on notes: “He’s scared. He’s scared.” It certainly looks that way.

A couple of other pooches initially seem apprehensive around Toco, too but they are happy to be picked up by their owners who pose for a photo with Toco.

The man spent more than £12,000 on the incredibly realistic-looking dog costume.

While the suit may look quite fun and it certainly garners attention on a night out, the man inside the costume insists that it’s much more than a bit of a laugh for him.

Toco has previously explained he dreamt of becoming an animal since he was a child.

"When I fulfilled that dream this is how it turned out. I've wanted to be an animal ever since I can remember," he added.

Toco chose to be a collie specifically in his transformation because the animal is his 'favourite breed'.

"I am particularly fond of cute quadrupedal animals," he explained, adding: "The fact that the size gap with humans is not large was also a deciding factor."

Featured Image Credit: @I_want_to_be_an_animal/YouTube

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