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Kids from 1966 give their opinion on what the 21st century will be like

Kids from 1966 give their opinion on what the 21st century will be like

Little did they know...

It's always a tad odd coming face-to-face with a major blast from the past.

Well, in recently resurfaced footage found in the BBC Archive - exactly that has happened, and it's pretty bizarre.

In the beyond retro clip, a handful of children from 1966 were asked their opinion on what the 21st century will be like - and some of the answers are freakishly accurate.

"I think it'll be very dull," said one girl. "And people would all be squashed together so much, there won't be any fun or anything.

"And people will be rationing the amount of things they can have because if they had too many things, it would just squash their houses and they just wouldn't be room for them."

Some of the answers were freakishly accurate.
BBC Archive

Another child answered: "First of all, those computers are taking over now.

"Computers and automation. And in the year 2000, there just won't be enough jobs to go around and the only jobs there will be will be for people with high IQ who can work computers and such things and other people are just not going to have jobs.

"There just aren't going to be jobs for them to have."

Sound familiar?

A third child wondered if a 'cabbage pill' would ever be invented, while a fourth expected the government would 'set aside parts of the country solely for recreation and have large blocks of built-up areas'.

"Atomic bombs will be dropping round the place," declared another. "Our world will just melt and the world will become one vast atomic explosion."

From 'cabbage pills' to 'atomic warfare'.
BBC Archive

Another echoed: "Some man will get the atomic bomb and just blow the world into oblivion."

A final child added: "I don't think there is going to be atomic warfare but I think there's going to be all this automation.

"People are going to be out of work and a great population and I think something has to be done about it.

"I think it'll be people will be regarded more statistics than as actual people."


The short clip, just over two minutes long, has gone viral on TikTok after clocking up over 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours since it was first posted.

With over 147.3k likes and thousands upon thousands of comments - it's clear people couldn't wait to share their reactions to the blast from the past.

People were amazed by the kids' answers.
BBC Archive

Many couldn't quite wrap their heads around how 'spot on' some of the kids' answers were.

One TikTok user penned: "The computer girl, while she’s a bit early, she's spot on and its amazing that she saw that as a child so long ago."

A second echoed: "The girl who was talking about computers predicted AI will take over the world and people would lost their jobs."

"It's like they were psychic," exclaimed a third, "they were so spot on."

And a fourth added: "These children saw the writing on the wall!"

"Bro," declared a fifth, "they predicted the future every one of them."

Guess they kind of did. Wonder where they all are now...

Featured Image Credit: BBC Archive

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