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Ski resort responds after man’s lost phone exposes bizarre embarrassing checklist

Ski resort responds after man’s lost phone exposes bizarre embarrassing checklist

The goals are interesting...

A ski resort has responded following a phone being handed in, containing a rather unusual to-do list.

We all have goals in life, some of them for the short-term while others are more of a long-term prospect. There are certainly plenty of things we can all be aiming for, like eating more greens or exercising more.

The phone was found at an Australian ski resort.
Bill Blair#JM/Getty Images

However, one man's to-do list has caught the internet's attention after it revealed a bizarre list of goals that he wished to accomplish.

A ski resort visitor in Australia left behind their black Samsung Galaxy S20, and the phone was handed in at the booking office at Perisher Ski Resort’s Front Valley in Kosciuszko National Park.

However, on the lock screen was a list of things that its owner wished to accomplish.

It's fair to say that it makes for some pretty interesting reading, to say the least.

The list starts off fairly innocuously saying that the phone's owner wishes to 'get jacked and be 87kgs'. Fitness goals seem fairly common, though '87kg' does seem very specific.

Things continue on a good line, saying 'quit all nicotine'.

It then says 'have $25,000 dollars in my bank account'. Savings goals are good, even if in today's market even sizeable savings may not guarantee being able to buy a house, but it's good to have for a rainy day.

It continues with 'have motorbike'. Not everyone's cup of tea, but can't argue with that.

The list.

At this point it starts to get a bit more interesting.

The next goal is listed as 'get better at fighting'. I have questions, but most of all why? Let's just say I hope this is in a sporting capacity.

We then have a brief return to good goals with 'get good marks at uni' before things get a bit questionable.

The next goal on the list is to 'have 3 girls on roster'. One does get the feeling that some women who realise they are dating this person may suddenly and mysteriously get cold feet.

Finally, we have the oddest goal, 'don't get haircut for three months'. Fair enough.

The ski resort has now issued a response after receiving the phone.

Maddi Ventura, the marketing manager at Perisher Ski Resort, told Insider: "Fortunately, we were able to return the phone to its rightful owner and we wish this guest all the best with achieving his goals.

"Just a reminder to hold on to your belongings on the slopes!"

Featured Image Credit: Bill Blair#JM/Getty Images/Facebook

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