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Man drops GoPro down 'deepest pit in USA' and people are convinced they saw someone hiding

Man drops GoPro down 'deepest pit in USA' and people are convinced they saw someone hiding

Was it a ghost, a demon or someone lurking?

A couple of explorers who dropped a GoPro down the 'deepest pit in America' managed to give people a look at what's going on down there, or did it?

A pair of YouTubing identical twins who love exploring were naturally drawn to such a place, and decided to delve into the gaping chasm that threatened to swallow them whole.

On their way they spotted a waterfall and seemingly sheer drops into the darkness, but of course nothing could capture the magic quite like letting a camera take the plunge.

However, while people loved the footage there were some who thought they could perceive something in the darkness during the camera's descent.

In the comments below the footage people said they could see 'a shadow of a man standing in the back' and were convinced that he was 'standing right there'.

Is that a man, a shadow demon or a geographical feature? (YouTube/ActionAdventureTwins)
Is that a man, a shadow demon or a geographical feature? (YouTube/ActionAdventureTwins)

While the 'outline of a person on the way down' was exceedingly 'creepy', it also seems quite improbable that someone would be down there at all.

This is the an incredibly deep chasm we're talking about, and there would have been no floor for this supposed man to stand on.

Instead, it seems to be a particularly human shaped gap between the rock face and a stalagmite that'd fool the eyes at first glance.

Of course there could be some more supernatural forces at play here as some people said they thought it 'kinda looks like there is a shadow demon of sorts'.

Down into the dark it goes. (YouTube/ActionAdventureTwins)
Down into the dark it goes. (YouTube/ActionAdventureTwins)

"There is a dark shaped figure lurking like a beast," someone else observed, though it's at this point we should remind you there's no evidence for the existence of demons or shadow beasts.

That doesn't mean much when stacked up against the human mind's ability to conjure up scary ghouls from the very depths of the shadows.

There's something primal about a fear of the dark, but let us remind you that it's your mind playing tricks on you.

You can learn a lot from dropping GoPros into places, provided you attach it to a line and remember to reel it back in.

Others have dropped them off the side of piers to demonstrate the aquatic live swimming around the struts, and to sink it underneath your boat and see that the sharks were lurking just below the surface.

Then there's the person who sent a GoPro off the side of a cruise ship to see what was swimming in the wake.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ActionAdventureTwins

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