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Man discovers he's related to his fiancé after doing DNA test

Man discovers he's related to his fiancé after doing DNA test

Their realisation comes just a few months before they are set to walking down the aisle and get married.

A man has had the surprise of his life after discovering he's related to his groom-to-be.

Yep, this is the stuff nightmares are made of.

The bloke took to Reddit’s Confessions forum to reveal his secret, and boy, did he have a doozy for us.

“My fiancé (28m) and I (also 28m) are getting married in a few months. We’re extremely happy and in love,” he began.

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However, just as the couple are organising their nuptials, the man purchased a DNA kit, which uncovered a horrifying revelation.

“I’m super into ancestry and have been building out my tree. I saw a promo on for a 50 per cent DNA kit, and I bought one for my fiancé,” he said.

“A few hours ago, on a flight, he got his DNA results back. In the ‘view DNA matches’ section was my picture.”

Yikes, that’s never good.

“It says we’re third cousins. His dad, who I guess did a test years ago, came up as well,” the man continued.

The man said he now feels conflicted.

“We don’t know how to feel. We just landed and are now on vacation with a large group," he added.

"On one hand, we’re gay, so there’s no concern over having babies. We’re also both Jewish, and I know our gene pools are already shallow.

Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

“But third cousins? That is a little too close for comfort. There’s no scenario where we’d break up or anything, but I just feel so so weird about it.

“He doesn’t want to tell anyone or talk about it now, but I needed to get this off my chest. I don’t know how to feel or how to process this. Is it insane? Is it no big deal?”

Many in the comment section said it wasn't worth breaking up.

One user wrote: “It’s no big deal. First cousins would be creepy, but third cousins are ok IMO. Since there will be no kids there’s really no reason not to continue with your relationship. It’s not incest.”

Another said: “There is a reason why you have no idea who is your 3rd cousin. I hope you will be happy! (and if someone being mean about it, just tell them it’s a royal thing, they can not understand, poor minions).”

I mean, that’s one way to spin it.

While a third said: "Eh I feel like it’s fine. Not trying to invalidate the surprise of it or anything, but I don’t see why it should stop you. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion."

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