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Optical illusion tells you what your personality is based on what you see

Optical illusion tells you what your personality is based on what you see

What do you notice first?

A good optical illusion can really mess with your head, but did you know they can also reveal information about your personality?

Optical illusions are images that deceive or mislead our brains, exploiting how we process colour, light and patterns to trick us into seeing an image that differs from the reality of what is in front of us.

Take this picture of a group of women sitting on a couch - there are six women in the photograph but only five pairs of legs, or so it seems.

And you'd have a field day trying to find the engagement ring hidden in this picture of some pebbles.

Now, the latest optical illusion to surface online is said to determine a hidden aspect of our personalities.

Take a look at the image below:

This optical illusion is said to determine your personality (Pinterest)
This optical illusion is said to determine your personality (Pinterest)

At first glance, you may see both a fish and a cloud in the picture, but which one did you notice first?

According to TikToker Mia Yilin - who regularly shares brainteasers with her 449,000 followers on the social media platform - your first impression indicates that there's more than meets the eye regarding your personality.

She says that if you saw the cloud first, you might 'appear very brave and resilient on the outside' but are actually 'quite sensitive on the inside and are easily influenced by the words and actions of those around you'.

Mia goes on to explain other personality traits of those who first noticed the cloud.

"You hate the idea of settling for someone or something and have very high standards and goals," she says.

"Your personality is so attractive and charismatic that people cannot help but be drawn to you."

On the other hand, if it was the fish that caught your eye, then you supposedly have a 'life is short' attitude and try to embrace each day to its fullest.

"Your time is the most valuable thing to you, so you hate wasting it on people and things that don't deserve it," Mia says.

"That said, you're also a major worrier and spend a lot of your time stressing about the unknown."

She further elaborates: "You're an extroverted introvert who prefers to spend time alone but can also become the life of the party when needs be."

While your entire personality being based upon whether you see a fish or cloud may seem insane, viewers were left astounded by Mia's insights.

One person wrote in the comments: "I believed it on extroverted introvert," while another confirmed: "Fish and it's all true."

And a third said: "Fish...and definitely true... am an extroverted introvert."

What did you see?

Featured Image Credit: Pinterest/Tiktok/@mia_yilin

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