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Playboy model gets entire family banned from ice rink over 'unacceptable conduct'

Playboy model gets entire family banned from ice rink over 'unacceptable conduct'

Sara Blake Cheek is a Playboy and OnlyFans star, and she believes her job got her banned from an ice rink after a kids hockey game

A Playboy model and her son have been banned from an ice rink in Florida after ‘unacceptable conduct’ during a kids ice hockey game.

Sara Blake Cheek and her family are now ‘no longer permitted in the building’ according to an email sent out by the venue because of the ‘unacceptable behaviour’ at a recent game that Blake Cheek’s son played in.

The mum-of-four insists that she wasn’t the problem, believing that they’ve been punished for who she is rather than what happened.

In her version of events, there were ‘multiple parent fights in the stands’ that night, and Sara herself only got involved after one father, who had been mocking her throughout the game, laughed when her boy got ‘cheapshotted in the boards’.

Sara Blake Cheek.

The 32-year-old said: “I turned around and said ‘seriously?’

“He says ‘shut the f*** up you stupid b****’ and then proceeds to tell me he will ‘beat my f***ing ass’.

"Of course I defend my son, what kind of adult cheers for a hurt kid?

“My husband stands up and tells him that’s enough and things settle down and we finish the game.”

She added: “The environment that night was insane, a referee and a couple of dads had words, there were six other incidents where parents were going at each other verbally, yet we are the only ones that are banned from the rink.”

The former salon owner, who now makes her money from modelling and OnlyFans, added: “I go above and beyond to conceal my identity at my kids games because of how famous I am now.

“But there are always the bad apples in the batch who seem to target you where it hurts the most, and that’s towards my kids.”

Sara earns her money through OnlyFans and has appeared in Playboy.

This all happened at the Ellenton Ice and Sport Complex in Florida, and the general manager of the rink later got in touch with Sara to inform her of the ban.

According to The Star, the email said: “It has been decided by rink management that your child is no longer allowed to play at Ellenton Ice & you and your family are no longer permitted in the building.

“The conduct displayed at Friday’s game via video footage and interviews with patrons was unacceptable and is not tolerated at the rink.”

Sara, who claims to earn up to £50,000 per month from her work, said that her boy was devastated when he was told he couldn’t play. She believes she was targeted because she is an OnlyFans and Playboy model.

“When we finally told Cam, he didn’t believe us,” she said.

“He thought we were pranking him.

“We had to show him the actual email and when he realised what was going on, he started crying."

The mum claims that she was banned because of her work.

She added: “It is shocking to me that anyone has an issue with what I do for a living because you have to seek that out and pay for it.

“After the incident I had about 12 requests from dads at the rink.

“I don’t use my kids hockey games to advertise for my business, I don’t confirm requests from other dads on my social media.

“So they have to do those things anonymously.”

LADbible has contacted Ellenton Ice and Sport Complex for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Sara Blake Cheek

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