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Pokémon fan uses Master Ball in marriage proposal and she said yes

Pokémon fan uses Master Ball in marriage proposal and she said yes

The fan created a unique card and placed a diamond engagement ring in a Master Ball.

A Pokémon fan got a little bit creative while planning a marriage proposal.

Over on the Pokémon page of Reddit, a user by the name of Onebeardo shared that he designed a unique Pokémon card to propose to his girlfriend.

"She said yes folks," the fan wrote on the subreddit, alongside a photo of the card.

The card boasts a very impressive 200 HP and comes with only one 'attack'... the proposal itself.

Its quote reads 'I choose you', and it has one move: "Will you marry me? If you say yes, then you will gain a player two forever."

The pixel art style card is reminiscent of the original Game Boy games and features a design of the couple with Pikachu and Eevee by their sides.

The card also came with a Master Ball containing a diamond engagement ring.

In a follow up comment, the Redditor explained that they bought the Master Ball on Etsy because they didn't have access to a 3D printer and they made the card themselves after watching some tutorials on YouTube.

OneBeardo's fellow Pokemon fans loved the unique proposal idea.

"If I was asked like this, I would say yes, too. Congrats, hope you two stay happy together for many years!," one person commented.

Another added: "If a complete stranger proposed to me like this I would say yes."

A third said: "You've unlocked the 'Master of Love' achievement! Congrats!"

While others pointed out that he cheated a little bit by using the Master Ball.

"The Master ball is absolutely brilliant: You are supposed to only have one and it has a 100% catch rate. Genius," one person commented.

"She couldn’t say no, master ball has a 100% marry rate," commented another.

"On one hand using the master ball means she can't say no but on the other hand you only have one master ball and you choose to use it on her which is pretty romantic," added a third.

No word yet whether any Pokémons will attend the upcoming nuptials.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Onebeardo. Pokemon Journeys.

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