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Extreme tattoo fan who spent £115k on ink says one piercing was the 'most painful thing I've ever done'

Extreme tattoo fan who spent £115k on ink says one piercing was the 'most painful thing I've ever done'

The bloke might be covered in ink but it was something else that hurt the most

An extreme lover of tattoos who spent £115,000 on his inkings has revealed which of his body modifications was the most painful.

Remy Schofield is known for showing off his extensive tattoo collection online, with followers baffled by his transformation.

But while he might be absolutely covered in tatts, it was one of his other modifications that the Canadian found most painful.

For a lot of us, the thought of getting inked pretty much all over our body, with Remy having quite an extreme look, causes at least a squirm – there’s no denying that getting a tattoo can be uncomfortable at least.

However, among the many body modifications the dad-of-one has undergone so far, he’s also got his fair share of piercings. And that’s undeniably another pain-inducing procedure.

The bloke's had quite the transformation. (Instagram/@ephemeral__remy)
The bloke's had quite the transformation. (Instagram/@ephemeral__remy)

So, here’s something that might get you squirming, Remy’s got his penis pierced.

In a recent Instagram video, the bloke was asked if he has any piercings on his crotch.

“Yeah, I have some below the belt work done. I've had the piercing under my belt done for a very long time, I previously spoke about it in a video which had gone viral,” he said, before making a confession.




"I still believe it's one of the most painful things I've ever done, personally. Some tough guys came in and talked about how those don't hurt that much, but they do hurt that much. Those guys are either full-blown liars or in some form of denial, getting a piercing below the belt is never pleasant and some are downright terrible."

And when his followers asked what the healing process was like, Remy said it was ‘very long’ and took around four to five months. “I felt like a monk for a while,” he admitted.

Sounds like it was worth it anyway. (Instagram/@ephemeral__remy)
Sounds like it was worth it anyway. (Instagram/@ephemeral__remy)

Schofield’s entire top half including his neck and even his nipples are completely black with colourful designs across his chest and torso. He’s also got multiple piercings on his ears and face

And despite him finding his penis piercing pretty painful, one fan joked: “Lol but I’m sure your wife enjoys them!?”

To which Remy confessed: “She does haha.”

One fan pointed out: “If a guy with multiple cartilage stretches says it hurts, it hurts…”

As others asked what the process was like and how he is ‘set up’, the bloke simply wrote: “Clamps, sitting. Unpleasant.”

Well, each to their own. You can let go of protecting yourselves in second-hand pain now, lads.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral__remy/YouTube/EphemeralRemy

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