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'Black alien' with extreme body modifications shares image of what he looked like before major changes

'Black alien' with extreme body modifications shares image of what he looked like before major changes

Anthony Loffredo has been embarking on the 'Black Alien Project' for years

A bloke who has made it his mission to transform into a 'black alien' has shared a rare snap of what he looked like before as he begins to add more 'human' elements back into his controversial look.

The vast majority of us have dyed our hair or gotten a piercing in the past and with tattoos no longer carrying the stigma they once did, there's never been a better time to dabble with body modification.

However one man has pushed the bounds of creativity to the limit in pursuit of his dreams to become what he calls a 'black alien'.

Anthony Loffredo is notorious on the internet for his extreme take on the 'my body is a canvas' idea, with the 35-year-old aiming to augment every inch of his skin and documenting it via his Instagram account - which has amassed over 1.3 million followers.

When it comes to the procedures Loffredo has had done a better question would be to ask what hasn't he had done.

Skin covered in black tattoo ink? Check. Partially amputated nose? Check. Implants to re-texture the appearance of his skin? Check. Removing several fingers? Check.

Planning to have his penis split in half? Check...

So it's safe to say the Frenchman is very committed to his otherworldly vision.

Loffredo has since added some facial hair to his look. (Instagram/@the _black_alien_project)
Loffredo has since added some facial hair to his look. (Instagram/@the _black_alien_project)

However he hasn't always had such a unique appearance, with Loffredo occasionally revealing before photos of his appearance on social media.

In one photo on Instagram he shared a comparison between himself now and in his twenties - and the difference is (unsurprisingly) shocking.

"Men used to call me crazy; but science has not yet taught us whether madness is or not the sublime of intelligence.. if all that is deep does not come from a disease of thought," he captioned the post.

Prior to his many enhancements, Loffredo used to sport short dark hair and had brown eyes.

He also didn't look too different to the average man in the street, which means that if his goal with the black alien project was to stand out by any means possible then mission accomplished.

Which look do you prefer? (Instagram/@the _black_alien_project)
Which look do you prefer? (Instagram/@the _black_alien_project)

However in more recent years Loffredo has opted to introduce a more human aspect to his look - revealing in a separate post that he has decided to grow his beard and eyebrows out.

It also appears as though he has ditched the blue effect on his teeth, which look less filed than previously.

"From young and ugly to old and cute Glow Up 2 years," he added in the caption.

As for the reason why he's decided to undergo such an extreme transformation, Loffredo previously revealed he began his journey at age 27 and that the project has helped him understand life.

"It feels very good. It makes me feel more like myself," he said. "I compare myself to those that were born in a body that wasn't theirs."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@the _black_alien_project

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