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Adults stumped at restaurant’s ‘spot the difference’ game designed for kids

Adults stumped at restaurant’s ‘spot the difference’ game designed for kids

Find five differences? I can't even figure out one.

Ok gang, I know you're probably thinking this children's puzzle which adults are having a hard time figuring out can't be that hard.

Not this time, because we haven't found anyone who's come up with the right answers and everyone who's seen it has been utterly stumped.

On the face of it things look simple, there's two pictures of two penguins standing on some ice near an egg.

The game, which is given to kids in a restaurant, challenges children to 'find five differences' and it really ought to be as simple as that.

This penguin has a different coloured beak, that one is looking the other way, one picture has two eggs instead of one and so forth.

But this time there's NO. DAMN. DIFFERENCE.

Find five differences? Surely I can do that, this should literally be child's play.

I'm sorry but the pictures look absolutely identical and I cannot for hide nor hair figure out what even one of these supposed five differences is supposed to be.

Nor can anyone else working for this esteemed publication, all of whom have been equally stumped by what should be a kids game.

Seriously, just look at the two pictures and see if you can spot the difference.

Not even the assembled hordes of Reddit could crack this puzzle, with it being posted to r/mildlyinfuriating where nobody could figure it out.

Instead, the assembled commenters decided to think outside the box and work out if the answer lay in things the human eye could not see.

If you can even spot one difference between these two pictures you've done much better than I managed.

"Easy, the first pic has words on top, a wordgame next to it and a snowflake next to it. The 2nd pic has a connect-the-dots next to it and it´s also lower on the page than the 1st pic. That´s 5. Nailed it," one person said, giving essentially the only correct answer anyone could actually see.

Another suggested that 'the penguins in the second picture harbour a terrible secret', while a third guessed that 'in the top one the back left Iceberg has 0.3% higher salinity than in the bottom picture', and at this point who are we to say they're wrong when we don't know the answer?

A few others thinking outside the box reckoned the true answer lay in there being no five differences at all.

This being a 'spot the difference' game handed out to kids in restaurants, several pointed out that the true aim of the game is to 'keep children occupied for as long as possible'.

If that's the case then whomever cooked this up is an evil genius, and similarly dastardly souls suggested parents could tell their kids they'd already spotted two or three of the differences to keep them distracted even longer.

Someone else suggested they could refine the formula and 'make four differences', leaving the kid convinced the game was legitimate while keeping them busy trying to find the final one.

Featured Image Credit: word-vomit91/reddit

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