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Children’s puzzle has adults absolutely stumped at how to solve it

Children’s puzzle has adults absolutely stumped at how to solve it

One adult asked: "Am I being thick?"

Adults have been left stumped over a puzzle in a kids’ book, with one parent asking: “Am I being thick?”

At first glance, the page from the puzzle book - which is aimed at children aged between four and six - looks simple enough.

You need to work out the four-letter word with a picture clue given for each one underneath - and there’s even a handy hint just to the right of the puzzle in the form of a small illustration of a smug-looking crescent moon.

So the answer is ‘moon’, right?

Well, yes - but if you look closely you’ll see that while the first letter has the clue Monkey, for M, and an Octopus and Olive for the double O, the last clue appears to be a picture of a daffodil.

Now, the word could, of course, be mood, except for the fact we’ve got a happy, smiling moon nestled amongst some stars alongside the puzzle.

Confusing, eh?

The puzzle left adults stumped.

Posting on Reddit, the parent wrote: “Am I being thick? Children’s book age 4-6. Last box is supposedly ‘N’. Mrs thinks it’s ‘Narcissus’ but I think that’s a bit much for the age range…”

For those who aren’t horticulturally aware, the latin name for daffodil is ‘Narcissus’, which means the bloke’s missus is most likely correct, but I have to say, I think he’s also correct in assuming this might be beyond the lexicon of your average four-year-old.

Fellow Reddit users were quick to comment on the post to share their agreement that the puzzle was a head-scratcher, even for adults, with one saying: “Is this a book for children who shop at Waitrose?”

Another said: “N for ‘National flower of Wales’ maybe...?” That’s a stretch, pal.

A third joked: “Narcissus. That was my two-year-old boy’s first word, like most children’s these days.”

The puzzle was supposed to be for kids aged between four and six.
Pexels/Sarah Dietz

Someone else suggested: “Daffodil, because that moon is in a good MOOD.” Fair point, well made.

“Yeah, I’m afraid a daffodil is also a narcissus,” a fifth person added. “Please introduce me to the five-year-old that knows that.”

I’m not sure I’d want to meet a five-year-old who was more intelligent than me, to be honest.

Not quite ready to admit defeat, someone else asked: “What exactly Is confusing about that happy crescent moof?”

Some reckoned that the word could be ‘Nectar’, while others said they didn’t even recognise the clue for the second O. I give up - we’re beyond help.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/dpm_259 / Oladimeji Ajegbile/Pexels

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