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Man who was bullied for his unusual name has only just found out what it means

Man who was bullied for his unusual name has only just found out what it means

Kids used to sing songs about him when he was growing up

A bloke who was bullied for his unusual name has only just found out what it means as an adult.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there was always that kid whose name got used as a way of teasing them.

Or, sadly, perhaps you were that kid. I mean, let’s face it, school kids will use anything to take the p**s out of someone, even if their name sounds totally normal.

But this content creator says his parents did ‘him dirty’ when they named him.

Going by the name Mr Williamsprek on TikTok, he ‘always knew’ he had a unique name but never knew what the meaning of it was.

He first went about finding out what his siblings’ names meant.

With three sisters, one is called Amber (meaning jewel or golden colour) which he says is ‘beautiful’.

The TikToker said his parents did him dirty.

Another is named Natasha whose name means Christmas or born on Christmas and ‘ho ho ho b***h, we love a holiday’.

And the third is named Kimberly meaning ‘something about royalty or nature’.

“I don’t know, it’s regal,” the TikToker says.

While his siblings have ‘run of the mill names’, his is much more ‘unique’.

The man’s name is Tell.

“It’s not short for anything, that’s it,” he says. “Because my name’s like a word I never looked it up before, it’s a verb, sometimes it’s a noun.”

But he decided to look it up, finding his name is of German origin.

“Which is fine but confusing because we’re Puerto Rican,” the TikToker adds.

Turns out Tell actually means ‘to gorge, like to gorge on food’.

He explains: “As a kid, I was a gay Puerto Rican living in North Indiana. Mike Pence was our governor; it was hard enough to be me.

“And then on top of that, my name was Tell. They called me Telly Tubby, they called me Tell the Tattletale, they sang ‘Go Tell it on the Mountain’ every time I walked by.

He was always picked on.

“But I always told myself ‘Tell don’t worry about, it’s unique, it’s you, it’s beautiful’.

“It means to GORGE.”

Users tried to reassure him, saying: “It’s gorge like short for gorgeous.”

One commented: “Another meaning of Tell is of Slavic origin and means ‘bright or of the Sun, speaker of old stories and myths’.”

While another joked: “Parents: oh, he’s going to EAT.”

Others shared the meaning of their names as one realised theirs means ‘HELMET’. Ouch.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/MrWilliamsprek

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