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Woman who was bullied as a child gets revenge as bully's dad subscribes to her OnlyFans

Woman who was bullied as a child gets revenge as bully's dad subscribes to her OnlyFans

She really got her sweet vengeance

One woman has exacted her sweet, sweet revenge on her childhood bully after their dad signed up for her adult content.

OnlyFans subscriber scandals are definitely nothing new, what with one user shocked to discover her mum's new boyfriend is one of her biggest patrons and another woman's £17,000 OnlyFans fortune being down to the mercy of 'unsexy' requests.

While there are definitely a few oddballs on the platform, the latest in the saga follows popular OnlyFans model, Lucy Banks, after the father of a girl who used to 'ruin' her life when they were youngsters subscribed to her account. Have a look:

Banks, who hails from Australia, took to TikTok to share the news in a video, captioned 'This is my greatest day ever', which has since clocked up more than 47k views on the platform.

It shows Banks having a little boogie in her garden with the overlay text reading: "The girl from my hometown who tried to ruin me.

"Her dad just subscribed to me."

She added the hashtag '#getfknedwrecked' in the caption to really put salt in the wound.

It would appear that the bully's dad caught wind of Banks' OnlyFans given the fact they're both from the same small town - and everyone seems to know everyone's business in those.

Talking about her business, Banks revealed to Mamamia that she raked in an impressive $3,000 in her very first month of posting content.

After that, the woman decided to up the stakes and push for even more wonga.

However, this unfortunately came at a cost to her personal life, as she told the outlet: "I had family members that didn’t talk to me for 18 months.

Banks made $3,000 in her very first month of posting content to OnlyFans.

"I fell out with my entire friend group. It was really hard and there was a time when I was like, 'What have I done?'"

But, Banks made the choice to stay with her new business venture despite what her friends and family thought of it and has since made millions from OnlyFans.

However, after breaking the platform's rules and allegedly selling her Snapchat code, Banks is now set to close down her page by the end of the month.

Banks has promoted her website across her social media which reads: "Nothing goes undocumented. No big productions, or fake storylines. Just me, and my wild sexual encounters.

"Let's get cheeky."

But it seems like all that will also be coming to an end given that her Instagram bio currently reads: "WEBSITE CLOSING FOREVER END OF SEPTEMBER."

Wonder if the bully's dad is proper gutted by that.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@imlucybanks

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