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Woman has very detailed strategy for secretly going to the toilet at the start of a relationship

Woman has very detailed strategy for secretly going to the toilet at the start of a relationship

She shared three different methods she uses

A woman has shared her very elaborate strategies for pooping at a new partner’s place without them knowing.

New Yorker, Siena Filippi, shared not one, not two, but three different tricks you can try if you want your toilet habits kept secret.

The digital creator, who uses the handle @ssiiena on TikTok, shared her advice while on a trip to Italy, telling her followers: “I'm gonna teach you how to s**t at a boy's house. This is for like the beginning of the relationship. If you're my man, keep scrolling.”

She goes on to reveal that she has more than one method in her arsenal and that she uses them interchangeably depending on the situation.

She shared three methods, but it’s fair to say not everyone will be trying them out.

First up, Filippi shares the tip she calls the 'body shower’, which as the name suggests involves the use of a shower.

She explained: “It doesn't even matter what you're doing, whatever time of day. Just be like, ‘You know what? I feel a little sweaty, like I want a refresh. I'm going to body shower.’

“Crank that [shower] up. Now you have a sound cover and also a time cover for however long you need.”

Next up, Filippi explained how to execute the tip she calls the 'hair dryer’, which is not too dissimilar to the method mentioned above except the noise and time spent in the bathroom is covered by the use of a hairdryer.

“Just be like, ‘I need to fix my hair really quick. It's getting really frizzy,’” she explained.

Finally, Filippi recommended the ‘hammock’ and says it comes in handy for the ‘speed machines' out there, but noted that it was the ‘grossest of all, for sure’.

Filippi carefully draped some toilet roll into the toilet, which I guess does sort of resemble a hammock, and said: “Just kind of give yourself a nice runway for minimal sound and splash back.”

She added: “Don’t forget the courtesy flush! If you flush immediately when going number two the smell won’t linger, then wipe, flush again!”

Her detailed solutions divided TikTok users, with some thanking Filippi for her ‘service’ while others thought she was trying to solve a problem that didn’t exist.

One person commented: “This is so smart omg thank you for your service.”

While another admitted to using ‘the hammock’ method ‘for years’.

But a third responded: “I have no shame, I go when I go.”

And someone else asked: “Wait…we are supposed to keep it a secret?!”

Featured Image Credit: ssiiena/tiktok/John Keeble/Getty

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