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Bizarre trend has people ‘cricketing’ in bed without even realising

Bizarre trend has people ‘cricketing’ in bed without even realising

Cricketing is the new trend going around, and people have already been doing it without even noticing

'Cricketing' is the new sleep trend that has been doing the rounds on social media - and if you're wondering if the name comes from the sport or the noisy insect, it's the insect.

Anyone who's been anywhere near TikTok recently will be all over Gen Zers' 'bed rotting' trend, and will have seen plenty of people taping their mouth up before hitting the hay, and now 'cricketing' is the latest bedtime habit that's fascinating the internet.

Many of us already do it without realising, in fact.

The term 'cricket feet' has already garnered over 69 billion views on TikTok, highlighting that it may be just a little bit relatable to the general public.

But what exactly is cricketing? Well, you can take a look at some people doing it in the video below:

So basically, cricketing is the act of rubbing your toes together in bed like a cricket is a self-soothing habit that can help you fall asleep - and there's a scientific reason why it works.

TikTokers have been shocked that they are not the only ones doing this before bed.

One person commented: "That’s what it’s called? I’ve always done it. Never realized it was so common."

Another admitted: "I can't help but do this at night I try to stop myself but I can't help annoys my husband so much"

A different user revealed her surprise as well: "I've done this since I was a baby I just would say I like to wiggle my feet I didn't know it was a thing that meant something"

There's actually a scientific reason why people find 'cricketing' so soothing.

'Cricketing' is the trend that no-one knew they were a part of.
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Feet contain a lot of nerve endings as well as acupressure points that help to calm your central nervous system when stimulated, according to Dr Eileen Li, a licensed acupuncturist and physical therapist.

Dr Li told Bustle: “Foot rubbing, also known as foot massage, is a form of relaxation and stress relief.

“It can help alleviate tension, improve blood circulation, and provide a sense of comfort and well-being.”

Li revealed that cricketing your feet is a self-relaxing habit due to how repetitive it is, and that it also results in the release of feel-good hormones that help to reduce stress levels.

There are two main acupressure points that we hit to release the feel-good hormones.
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There are two key acupressure points on your feet related to relaxation according to Li - the first is located at the top of your foot between your first two toes, which you coincidentally happen to massage while cricketing, called Liver 3.

The next is a spot under the ball of your foot, located between your second and third toes in a depression, called Kidney 1 that is also involved in the motion.

If you haven't tried this before bed, it may be worth doing to try and relax and release some feel-good hormones before sleeping.

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