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Eerie images show the places you may have seen in your dreams

Eerie images show the places you may have seen in your dreams

A creepy 11-minute video shows countless pictures of vacated restaurants, offices and hotel corridors and people are loving it.

If you’re the type of person who struggles to remember their dreams after waking up, this eerie video will jog your memory.

A new viral video titled 'places you've seen in your dreams' does exactly what it says on the tin, by showing all the odd places viewers have found themselves in while snoozing, including an empty aisle in a supermarket, creepy corridors, and uncanny valley landscapes. Watch the clip below if you dare:

YouTuber Doctor Doggo, who put together the compilation of pictures from the internet for the latest video, selected snaps that all have one thing in common - there’s not a soul in sight.

The video, which was uploaded last month, begins with the question: “Which liminal space is your favourite?”

It all depends on which one you feel like you’ve visited before. Perhaps you’ve had a late-night fantasy about revisiting the food hall in Target, or maybe you found yourself strolling through a pastel-coloured suburban cul-de-sac that looks like something out of Edward Scissorhands.

Dreams aren’t always bubblegum fantasy worlds though, and Doctor Doggo totally took this into account when choosing the unsettling music and the pictures of empty hotel corridors and rooms.

Who would have thought that a photos of vacant and unoccupied offices, gymnasiums and playgrounds could be so creepy.

Hotel corridors are always gonna be creepy.

The weird video has attracted comments from people who were left in shock and were surprisingly thankful for it.

Some commenters on YouTube also claimed the video made them feel nostalgic, which may be be due to the fact a lot of the pictures look like they were taken on a disposable camera from back in the day.

And lest we forget the shot of the McDonald’s Playplace which - although feels very frightening in the compilation video - would probably be in a lot of happy dreams about simpler times.

Did you visit this place in your dreams?

One passionate commenter said: “I’ve never seen a video so Nostalgic yet so sinister, so scary yet so lighthearted, so apprehensive yet so relaxed, so light yet so dark, so dreamy yet so nightmarish, so shocking yet so soothing, so happy yet so sad, so tranquil yet so uneasy, so animated yet so lifeless, so mysterious yet so familiar I am truly disturbed.”

While another YouTube viewer shared: “This was awesome!!!! Way to go!!! Loved it!!!! Very subliminally creepy!”

While a third person wrote: “I love the unsettling music you always pair with these.”

And a fourth viewer confessed: “I want to lucid dream and visit this places.”

Sleep tight!

Featured Image Credit: Doctor Doggo

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