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People divided as instructor fires gun in face with the safety on

People divided as instructor fires gun in face with the safety on

The viral shooting range clip is a favourite, old video for many

Guns are dangerous. At least when they’re in the hands of the wrong people, anyway. That’s undebatable, to be honest.

But it doesn’t exactly instil me with confidence to see someone teaching others how to use them do something that seems, well, dangerous.

Now, you might have seen this video before, it’s a viral favourite and it’s doing the rounds on X again.

Basically an ‘instructor’, reportedly at a shooting range in Las Vegas, was teaching a group of guests how to shoot a 44 Magnum – once the most powerful handgun cartridges.

So, with this powerful gun in hands, he demonstrates to the visitors having a shoot for ‘fun’ how to stand and how to hold it-

He then says: “Now, if you wanna, on this 44 Magnum you can shoot on single action-.”

With the safety on, the bloke is rather dramatically cut off as the gun fires and absolutely whacks him on the face.

He meant to do it apparently.

He seems to be unphased (or at least putting on a good act of being so) as he carries on talking.

But one of the guests is quick to ask: “Did you mean to do that?” And the lad next to him seems to be in shock of what’s just happened.

Yet the instructor says ‘yeah’ he did mean to do that.

The group laugh a little awkwardly and even back off from the guy as he carries on for a moment before some more awkward silence.

While he may have insisted he meant to shoot the gun and fully smack hit himself in the face with it, not everyone on social media seems to agree with him.

One played out: “’Did you mean to do that?’ ‘yeah’

“(Awkward silence - thinking to himself as he slowly puts the gun down that maybe I’m in the wrong profession and ALMOST F**KING DIED!)”

The guests seemed shook.

Others also wrote: “No tf you didn’t sir.”

And many echoed: “He so did not mean to do that," while another put: “I like how he pretends nothing happened.

"The silence after is killing me lmfao.. that man thinking bout his whole life.”

With another joked: “My son is hurting, played it off pretty good tho.”

Plenty of people are angered by the old clip too, as they write: “What an absolute moron. Should be fired immediately.”

Although one said: “That’s awesome.”

And one simply joked: “Someone got fired. (No pun intended).”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/billhamp / MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

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