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Extraordinary video shows what happened when man shot bullet into ice

Extraordinary video shows what happened when man shot bullet into ice

It's not what you'd expect...

There are many things we all probably ponder about from time to time.

Whether it's something as banal as sorting the food shop and remembering to reply to an email all the way through to more abstract stuff like the Roman Empire and a smidge of light existentialism - it's fairly common to be inquisitive about a whole bunch of things in this weird and wonderful world.

And the latest curiosity sees an extraordinary video showing exactly what happened when one man shot a bullet straight into ice.

Check it out:

The footage sees someone point and shoot a bullet straight into some hard ice.

Once fired, the person behind the camera moves in a little closer to the bullet - only to find the little piece of metal spinning profusely in the ice.

The short clip, uploaded to X - formerly Twitter - by Software Developer Ganesh Maurya, explores the bizarre phenomenon and investigates what factors contribute to a bullet continuing to spin after being fired into the ground.

And, according to Ganesh, the reason is because of some good old-fashioned physics.

He captioned the clip: "The bullet is continued spinning after being fired into the ground is a combination of the spin imparted on it by the gun's rifling, the conservation of angular momentum, the surface it hits, and the physics of spinning objects."

And people were clearly shocked by the footage with one X user writing: "That’s interesting!"

"Didn't know about this before," admitted a second.

The incredible footage demonstrated the physics behind the phenomenon.

A third chimed in: "Incredible. I thought it was inertia."

"Interesting," quipped a fourth while a final Twitter user simply added: "Woah."

Woah is right.

And speaking of ice, there's a popular freezing cold tourist hotspot where there is a major problem if you die.

The location is a remote island of Svalbard, about 650 miles from the North Pole and 500 from the Norwegian mainland – whose rule it has been under since 1920.

And on Svalbard is the world’s northernmost settlement, Longyearbyen.

Bullets spin when shot directly into ice.

There’s ice caves to explore around the island with 60 percent of it reportedly covered by glaciers.

Average winter temperatures on Svalbard range from a frosty −13 to −20 °C.

And with that cold weather comes the bizarre claim that it’s ‘illegal’ to die in Longyearbyen.

Now, this isn’t quite true. But if you die in the northern town, however, you’re not allowed to be buried there.

While somewhat odd of a rule, it actually makes total sense given the harsh weather conditions making it so cold that locals reportedly realised back in 1950 that bodies weren’t decomposing in the cemetery.

Yes, it’s literally that cold that human bodies can’t ever decompose.


Featured Image Credit: X/@ganeshmauryaa

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