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Woman with toilet paper eating addiction says she consumes up to four rolls a day

Keryn Donnelly

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Woman with toilet paper eating addiction says she consumes up to four rolls a day

A woman named Kinah eats up to four rolls of toilet paper per a day.

Yep, you read that right.

Kinah, who has been featured on the latest episode of TLC's My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted?, eats her favourite snack throughout the day, where ever she goes, including 'work, in the car or at the nail salon'.

"I eat toilet paper from the second I get up in the morning," she said in a Twitter preview of the episode.


According to TLC, Kinah has consumed 14,000 pounds (6,350 kilos) of toilet paper over the past 20 years.

Her habit costs her $2,700 a year.

It's a habit that Kinah thinks is worth every cent.


"You know that feeling, like after Thanksgiving, you've eaten all your favourite foods and you're just sitting on your couch and you're just relaxing, like, that's what I feel after I eat toilet paper," she explains in the video.

She added: "And guess what, toilet paper has zero calories. And it wont even give you a hangover."

Over the past two decades, Kinah has become somewhat of a toilet paper connoisseur, honing in on the thinner one ply paper over the thicker stuff because it's easier to consume.

She says it's like 'eating a PB and J [peanut butter and jelly sandwich] without the crust' and that she enjoys the 'crunch'.


However, not everyone in Kinah's life have been supportive of her, uh, hobby.

"You know, toilet paper is not meant for human consumption," her ex-fiancé Anthony tells the camera.

"It doesn't break down in your body. That s**t gross, man."

Credit: TLC.
Credit: TLC.

At one point in the preview clip, Kinah munches on some toilet paper at her local nail salon.

The salon owner Flora laughs and admits that she finds the habit weird.

"Why is she eating the toilet paper," she says.

"And continuously putting it in her mouth without even drinking water."


Kinah says her TP-eating habit draws attention to her in public but she doesn't mind.

"When people see me eating toilet paper, I'll get a few like weird stares," she explained.

"I even saw one person pull their phone out and try to record me but I don't care, everyone has their weird things that they do and that's just mine."

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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Keryn Donnelly
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