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Woman ‘ruins family dinner’ after ordering giant steak and refusing to pay for the entire bill

Woman ‘ruins family dinner’ after ordering giant steak and refusing to pay for the entire bill

It didn't go down well with her mother-in-law

A woman ended up being accused of 'ruining' a family dinner while she was out with her husband and in-laws, and has turned to Reddit for advice over whether she was in the wrong.

It's safe to say that relationships with the in-laws can sometimes be strained for a whole host of different reasons. Tensions can sometimes come to a head during gatherings, whether it's at Christmas or out for dinner.

She was accused of 'ruining' the night by her in-law (stock image).
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One woman ended up being accused by her mother-in-law of 'ruining' a dinner. Seems a bit harsh, but surely there would be a very good reason to be tossing around such a strong accusation.

So what exactly did the woman do to provoke so much anger and ire from her family?

Well, it turns out that she had the audacity, the audacity I tell you, to order a steak at a restaurant. Not only that, but she actually ate it. All by herself. In front of everyone.

I am shocked. Shocked I tell you.

The woman took to Reddit's Am I the A**hole page to tell her story.

She explained that she works a very physical job at a stable, and her family has a genetically high metabolism. As a result of this, she typically has to eat a lot as her work is physically demanding. Her mother-in-law also has a history of commenting on what she eats.

Things seem bad enough that she usually tries to eat something before meeting her in-laws to avoid any derogatory comments about what she eats.

On this occasion, however, she hadn't had the chance to grab something before heading out. So when they arrived at the restaurant it's fair to say she was feeling pretty hungry.

She ordered a steak dinner.

So, she ordered a steak platter meant for two people. The woman also noted that while it was pricey it wasn't the most expensive thing that her table had ordered, and others had spent more. The plan had been to split the bill at the end.

However, while she was waiting for her steak, her mother-in-law 'flipped' and said that she was 'attention-seeking'. She even added that her ability to finish the meal had made her brother-in-law and father-in-law 'uneasy' and that 'a woman shouldn't eat that much'. What a charmer.

She then demanded that she pay for the entire meal due to the expense, despite many other people ordering more expensive items.

Needless to say, Redditors were not impressed with the turn of events, and were quick to say that she was not the a**hole.

One said: "I hope you stared your MIL dead straight in the eyes as you took the last bite of your steak."

Another wrote: "And as she ate, the MIL unwittingly witnessed a feminist revolt being unleashed as a mere woman ate more than the men!!"

A third posted: "MIL needs to chill out and mind her own business. May I ask why you even pondered if this makes you the a*shole??"

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