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Man shouts ‘good luck’ as brave woman walks through back gate into Area 51

Man shouts ‘good luck’ as brave woman walks through back gate into Area 51

The bizarre incident happened back in 2019, after a Facebook event urging people to 'storm' Area 51 went viral

With all the weird news that has happened in the last three years, it’s easy to forget things that happened before the pandemic.

Cast your mind back to 2019 though and may remember a bizarre period where people planned to storm the infamous alleged UFO hotspot, Area 51.

While the Facebook event was mostly a joke, one woman actually decided to ‘invade’ the secret government base – with one onlooker even wishing her good luck.

The brave woman was hoping to have a close encounter.
TikTok / @ufostalkers

Although two million people had said they’d attend, the unnamed woman is the only one who actually breached the gate of the famous air base on September 20.

Calmly strolling past the security gates, she heads into the Nevada desert and is clearly on a mission to have a close encounter of the third kind.

Meanwhile, a crowd of about 20 people gather by the barriers and watch in utter shock, as one male onlooker yells ‘good luck’ to the brave woman in the TikTok video.

Others, however, speculate about how far she might get with some suggesting that she could get past the second security gate as she heads into the heart of Area 51.

One person even quipped that the woman has an ‘alien’, hence why she was able to enter the base so calmly and without the wrath of the Air Force.

As much as we want to believe though, it was later reported that the woman was detained by authorities after reaching the second gate before later being released - much to the disappointment of over 114,000 people who've seen the clip.

Though over 200 people would attend the bizarre event throughout the day, no one else would attempt the epic journey.

Many want to believe.

The government base has always attracted intense interest with multiple conspiracy theories attached to the Air Force Base.

Built on a dry lakebed in the desert, the site is known for keeping tourists away with the grounds littered with warning signs, CCTV and armed guards.

If that weren’t enough, it’s also illegal to fly over the base and the site previously blanked out on satellite images.

Originally founded in 1955, Area 51 was built 85 miles north of Las Vegas but wasn’t even publicly acknowledged by the CIA until 2013.

Although many speculate about visitors from another world, officials state it has been used as a training and test facility.

In fact, other nearby military bases were used to test nuclear weapons from the 1950s until the 1990s – as well as other equipment.

Maybe it’s time to put away those tin foil hats after all.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @ufostalkers

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