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'Welcome To Luton' Stunt At Gatwick Airport Panics Gatwick Arrivals

'Welcome To Luton' Stunt At Gatwick Airport Panics Gatwick Arrivals

A well-placed prank has panicked Gatwick arrivals

As if coming back from holiday wasn't heartbreaking enough, imagine seeing a sign welcoming you back to the wrong airport.

Well, that's what happened to Gatwick-bound passengers, when prankster Max Fosh put a pretty well-placed 'Welcome to Luton' sign along the landing path.

People were left seriously confused and worrying that they'd left their car parked on the other side of London.

Fosh is a pretty prolific prankster and recently made the news for claiming to have become the richest man in the world for seven minutes.

This was after he created a fake company, sold one share at a hefty price, and got a valuation of $583 billion.

He was then lightly accused of fraud and forced to quickly disband the company.

That's not the most chaotic thing Fosh has done recently, though.

As it turns out, the prankster took some pegs, a tarpaulin, and put up a 'welcome to Luton' sign along the Gatwick landing path.

With the YouTuber claiming ownership of the prank on Twitter and explaining the impressive feat on the Justin Dealey Radio show, Fosh admitted: "I am the pesky prankster that has written Welcome To Luton."

While the prank might've caused a bit of panic during the 90-second approach to Gatwick, Fosh's intentions seemed innocent enough: "It's my job to make videos and my videos are all about doing silly things, to put a smile on people's faces but just to be silly, I'm glad this stunt has gone down well."

For the most part, people found the prank funny, if slightly confusing, with one user writing: "Nothing makes for a stress-free arrival in the UK quite like the words WELCOME TO LUTON currently spelled out in giant white letters in a field under the final approach to Gatwick Airport."

Another simply said: "Absolute genius."

And to be fair, it's one of the better pranks we've seen recently.

So, how did he do it? By using someone's private property, because, let's be honest, what council is going to agree to that?

"I went door-knocking on fields next to Heathrow and Gatwick and a lovely couple said, 'yeah we've got a 80m (262ft) long patch of land we don't have any use for', so I said 'great can I get my tarpaulin out and start hammering pegs into the ground?" Fosh explained.

The sign will be up for some time too, with the YouTuber managing to swing six weeks' worth of permission, adding: "If you're flying into Gatwick have a look out your left window you should see it about 90 seconds before landing."

So, if you're headed back from Gatwick anytime soon keep an eye out for the surprising sign.

Featured Image Credit: abbdesmond/Twitter

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