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The sad story of what happened to the 'Why you coming fast' guy

The sad story of what happened to the 'Why you coming fast' guy

Ferdi the mechanic claims he was 'robbed'

Today let's spare a thought for the 'Why you coming fast?' guy who really can't seem to get a break in life.

The viral star, also referred to as Ferdi the mechanic, first rose to online fame back in 2018 with a clip in which he lost his temper with a cyclist.

Ferdi had been working on the wheel of a car - in a high vis, no less - when all of a sudden a cyclist accidentally crashed into him.

Although the cyclist, who recorded the whole thing on his camera, was very apologetic over the mistake, Ferdi went through an absolute roller coaster of emotions in a short space of time.

After calmly saying, "F**k you mate," he then asks if he's bleeding - he's not - before launching into a tirade in which he asks the now infamous question: "Why you coming fast?"

People couldn't get enough of that clip, and looking to capitalise on his viral stardom, Ferdi went on to create a music video named after the popular line, featuring rapper LV General as the cyclist.

But as opposed to other online stars such as Salt Bae and Bhad Bhabie, the mechanic claims he was duped out of money and notoriety.

Ferdi opened up about what happened after the release of the track five years ago on a recent episode of the Podghost podcast with hosts Yaz and Seff.

Clearly he's still cut up about the accident, as he starts off by saying he's grateful to be alive, suggesting he could have died from shock.

Thankfully he lived to tell the tale, but his journey after this was anything but straightforward.

Once he became famous across the world, Ferdi's friend's son named Snatchy agreed to manage him, saying that people wanted to meet him at various club and bar events.

His manager would pay him between £200 and £700 for each night while taking a cut as you do - but Ferdi said he repeatedly asked to sign a contract.

"I asked him a few times but I couldn't get the right answer," he said.

Despite these issues, the mechanic seemed to be on the right track, with Snatchy later saying they had landed a contract with Boohoo to make 'Why you coming fast?' t-shirts.

But once again, Ferdi claims he was ripped off and made around £7,000 to £8,000 from the deal. "I should be a millionaire," he told the hosts. "I wasted two years when I could've gone to work.

"I lost money actually because nobody wants to give me a job. They think I'm a millionaire... they think I'm lying to them or taking the p**s."

He went on to suggest that the illusive Snatchy opened an Instagram account using his own login details but with Ferdi's name, which went on to earn hundreds of thousands of followers.

But the hosts did step in to point out that the manager was probably just doing his job, especially since Ferdi didn't know how to use social media.

Regardless, Ferdi took back control of his Instagram account and he went on to make the comedy music video, something he describes as 'amazing'.

Ferdi claimed he was 'robbed' of 'everything.

However, Ferdi boldly exclaimed, "I didn't make one penny from this music video," describing those who ran away with the money as 'b***tards'.

He finished his rant by suggesting that things came to a head in early 2019 when Snatchy came to his house and told him: "You're finished, you're dead, nobody wants to see you."

As for today, Ferdi said he now works six days a week as a delivery driver.

Obviously there are two sides to every story, but there's no denying Ferdi's still reeling from how everything went down.

Right now he's got a cyclist and a guy named Snatchy living rent free in his head - here's hoping he can put the past in the past and move on with his life.

Featured Image Credit: Theofficialferdi/Instagram/Ghost Recordz/YouTube

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