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Woman describes what it's like to be in a coma and it's seriously mindblowing

Ali Condon

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Woman describes what it's like to be in a coma and it's seriously mindblowing

A woman has explained what it felt like when she was in a coma after being hospitalised last year and it sounds like the weirdest dream ever.

When a viral TikTok about the sensation of being in a coma started doing the rounds on social media, Kayley Frances decided to share her own memories of the freak experience.


Kayley explained how she was in a 10-day coma back in January 2021 after a serious asthma attack, but her brain was convinced she had been awake the entire time.


This story will fully make you doubt your own surroundings, so read on with caution.

Kayley decided to share her coma story after spotting a viral tweet which read: "I just saw a TikTok where someone talked about what it’s like to be in a coma. That you could feel time, have dreams, and literally just feel stuck omg."

The general assumption, for those lucky enough to never have been in a coma, is that it would feel a lot like a really long sleep.

Kayley explained what it felt like to be in a coma. Credit: Twitter/@kayleyfrances
Kayley explained what it felt like to be in a coma. Credit: Twitter/@kayleyfrances

But Kayley has backed up the viral TikTok story, confirming that, in her personal experience, being in a coma feels like you're wide awake.

"I was in coma, and I thought I was just alive like living my life", she wrote. "No idea I was in coma whatsoever. I’m thinking it differs from person to person."

That being said, Kayley did go on to share how, during the coma, she was convinced she had joined a cult.

Even when she woke up, she was certain that the doctors and nurses treating her were part of it - so her perception of reality definitely wasn't crystal clear.

Credit: Twitter/@kayleyfrances
Credit: Twitter/@kayleyfrances

Naturally, Kayley was flooded with questions from curious strangers who were mind-blown by this new information.

Offering some further background, Kayley explained: "Yeah it was a crazy experience I have asthma my medicine wasn’t working, my bf called the ambulance I believe at this point I was unconscious.


"I went into lung failure, I had covid and RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) developed pneumonia. I was in a coma for 10 days.

"When I woke up I thought I was... in an accident like a car accident of some sort. Y’all laughing but also when I woke up I was hallucinating. It’s not that funny."

Asked if she could hear anything while she was under, Kayley replied: "No they said they played me music, talked to me and my bf also had them set up FaceTime he read to me every night. I never heard a thing."


Asked if it felt like she had been in that weird limbo for 10 days, Kayley said no, though she didn't elaborate on that one.

It all sounds pretty freaky, but if you ask Kayley, the toughest part was waking up from the coma.

She recalled feeling 'scared' and like she 'wanted to escape' when she came to, but she didn't have the strength to walk.

"That took me literally two weeks to walk slowly", she wrote. "I couldn’t even feed myself my nurses had to feed me for the first week. I was peeing in a tube. TMI. But yeah it was horrible."

As with every story told on Twitter, Kayley did have some 'didn't happen' accusations, but had a pretty solid response to the non-believers, telling them: "If it ever happens again I’ll remember to take a selfie for ya!"

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@KayleyFrances/Yuriy Klochan/Alamy

Topics: Health, Weird

Ali Condon
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