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Wildest Festival In The World Where A Man Broke His Penis

Wildest Festival In The World Where A Man Broke His Penis

The Burning Man Festival returns to the Nevada desert next month

The Burning Man Festival returns to the Nevada desert next month, welcoming thousands of visitors from all over the world keen to let their hair down at the ‘wildest festival in the world’. 

Alongside the music and 24-hour parties, the festival is also home to the ‘Orgy Dome’, which I think has a fairly self-explanatory name, but in case you’re hard-of-thinking - it’s essentially a giant sex tent. 

According to festival organisers, the Orgy Dome is a ‘safe, consensual, sex positive, inclusionary and exploratory environment’.

Those inside the dome are expected to have sex and people who want to go in just to have a nose around and not take part will be asked to leave. 

And people who have been have all kinds of tales to tell about exactly what they saw, but you may be surprised by some accounts. 


One US-based journalist who attended last year, told the Sun that one over-enthusiastic guy managed to break his dick and had to trek to the nearest town for medical treatment. 

Speaking to the Sun, she revealed: ​​”I met a gentleman who had been at the Orgy Dome - the only camp with air conditioning, where you go and have sex. 

“He was having sex with the seventh guy that day and broke his penis. 

“He had to go to the nearest town and get stitches and was back at the playa the next day.”

She also said there is a tent there run by a soap company, where ‘you basically take a shower with 50 people’. Well, at least they’re clean, eh?


A couple who visited in 2016, told Cosmopolitan that it wasn’t necessarily as wild as you might expect. 

They told the publication: “I guess I had imagined lots of loud, porn-style, showy sex — but it's not like that at all.

"Almost everyone was super intimate with their own partners. Part of the appeal is to have sex semi-publicly, but nobody seemed to be trying to win any Adult Video News awards.”

Describing the dome, they explained: “It's dimly lit inside, air-conditioned, and the ground is made of those black rubberised puzzle-piece floor tiles.

"There are several mattresses, each with fresh sheets. An attendant escorts you to your mattress. Entrants are also encouraged to use baby wipes and hand sanitiser.” 

Their experiences were shared by a Reddit user who wrote about their time in the dome, saying: “There's pretty minimal interaction going on with strangers, other than eye contact.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy / Rachel Fee YouTube

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