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Woman refuses to get out car after seeing ‘embarrassing’ restaurant she was taken to on first date

Woman refuses to get out car after seeing ‘embarrassing’ restaurant she was taken to on first date

The date went viral for all the wrong reasons

A woman has been slammed online after she refused to get out of her date's car because of the restaurant he brought her to.

In a clip re-shared to TikTok by Monique Santos (not the woman in the clip), an unnamed woman can be seen filming herself in a car before the drama ensues.

As the man makes his way around to her side of the car to let her out, the singleton tells the camera: "He got me at the Cheesecake Factory y'all. I ain't getting out of this car."

Things get really awkward fast as her date is then unable to open the car door.

After she reiterates that he's brought her to the Cheesecake Factory, the unnamed man responds: "What's wrong with that?"

This woman was not happy when she saw where she was having her first date.

Still looking at her phone, the woman asked: "This is a chain restaurant, who takes someone that looks like this to a chain restaurant?"

Once her male companion gets back into the car, they begin discussing why the venue is an issue for her.

"You expect a man to go all out on the first date?" he asked her, while she filmed him.

Brushing her hair off her shoulder, the woman replied: "When you take out a beautiful woman, and you're courting her, because I get courted.

"You're supposed to take care of her, you're supposed to cover her, you're supposed to protect her, cherish her, treat her well."

Best going to Olive Garden next time, mate.

The two got into a disagreement over the choice of restaurant.

Now it was her beau's turn to lay down his expectations about a date: "I expect a girl to be respectful, I expect her to be cooperative."

In response, she replied: "What did I do that wasn't cooperative?"

I guess the whole refusing to get out of the car thing doesn't count?

The rest of the video devolves into a back-and-forth before the exasperated bloke decides to drive her home.

There's a lesson in here - tell your date where you're taking them before driving all the way there.

You'll save both of you a lot of time.

Anyway, people had a lot to say about this situation and sounded off in the comments section.

One viewer remarked: "I like the Cheesecake Factory… Girl bye… He dodged a bullet... perfectly played."

Another added: "He's right for doing that. He communicated properly, was respectful, and knows his worth. I also love the Cheesecake Factory."

And a third commented: "If audacity was a person."

For what it's worth, going to eat cheesecakes sounds like a pretty good time to me.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @moniqueisantos99

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