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Woman Takes Gamble On John Lewis Returns Pallet For £120 And It Pays Off

Woman Takes Gamble On John Lewis Returns Pallet For £120 And It Pays Off

Katherine Chalmers bought the returns pallet for £120 at auction - which included delivery

A woman who bought a mystery John Lewis returns pallet knew her gamble had paid off when she had a look inside. See below:

Katherine Chalmers paid £120 ($160) for the pallet full of John Lewis returns, which she says she got from online auction house William George, who run at least two auctions per week with retail returns from John Lewis.

She'd not seen inside and had no idea what to expect.

But it seems that her gamble paid off and she 'hit the jackpot' after opening the box to see a PlayStation 5 inside.

As well as getting the PS5 - which retails at around £450 ($600) - she also saw that five bean bags had been delivered as well as a mug, curtain poles, a dog bed, a mirror, soap dispenser and bath caddy.


Sharing the video on her TikTok account @katiechalmers10, Katherine said: "Oh my God, I'm so excited I can't talk. Hate to spoil this but - spoiler alert.

"We hit the jackpot with this.

"So my boyfriend found an online auction site that sells off ex-John Lewis goods, so goods that have been returned.

"You pay... well whatever you win at the auction price. We've paid £120 and that includes delivery but we're not really sure what's inside the box."


She went on to explain that it had a PS5 inside which she estimated would be worth 'about £700 maybe?'

She then went on to confirm that she's overestimated the retail price for the console and cleared up that it would actually be much less after receiving some comments on the video.

Others claimed that the video was acted out with one writing: "Would actually be believable if it wasn't so staged... I don't get why people need to lie... what does it achieve?"


In response to this, Katherine said: "Not staged. All true. That’s exactly what happened. I did get the retail value massively wrong though."

In another comment, Katherine explained that the console was broken, but added that they managed to get £200 for the parts.

Taking the royal p***, a final user wrote: "I did this and wow I ended up with a house in the Cotswolds with a pool and private butler thanks!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/katiechalmers10

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