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Woman Has No Plans To Sell Her House Despite It Being Worth 680 Times More Than When She Bought It

Woman Has No Plans To Sell Her House Despite It Being Worth 680 Times More Than When She Bought It

Winifred Flemming bought the home after the end of World War Two in 1945

A widower and great-grandmother has made it clear that she has no plans to move from her home in Kent, despite the value of the property having increased by hundreds of thousands of pounds since she moved in.

Given that Winifred Flemming is currently 106 years old I think it's probably safe to say the majority of you, like me, won't remember a time when houses cost the amount she paid, at under tens of thousands of pounds.

Winifred bought her home after the end of World War Two in 1945, paying at the time - wait for it - £800 ($987). I know £800 was a lot more then than it is now, but it's still hard to get your head around.

Winifred moved into the home in 1945.

She has remained in the home for the last 77 years, having over time lost her husband and last year taking in her eldest daughter, 84-year-old Yvonne Bloom, who suffers from Bipolar disorder.

The 106-year-old has been encouraged to move into assisted living, though she has insisted she does not want to leave her home behind, saying: "I worked extremely hard to afford this house - which I originally bought for just £800. When I moved to West Wickham it was a lovely area and I've always had lots of friends and family around here."

Thanks to inflation, Winifred's home has increased in value 680 times since she bought it and is now worth £550,000 ($678,800).

Winifred went on to say she has 'got so comfortable' over the years', noting: "A lot of my most cherished memories all took place within these walls. I never considered moving as my whole life was built around my cafe business that I owned for 28 years.

"So much has changed since I first moved in it's hard to put into words how different the area looks when I step out my front door. During my time here I've done lots of work to the house and now it really is the perfect home. I plan on staying put for as long as possible."

Winifred is now 106 years old.

Winifred's granddaughter, Yvonne's daughter Janine, has described the elderly woman as 'incredible', stressing she was 'fully independent' until recently but that her mobility was impacted when she broke her hip just before her 103rd birthday.

"She's such a caring person and she doesn't let her age affect her positive outlook on life," Yvonne said. "There may come a time where we'll have to start thinking about moving her, but at the moment she's going nowhere - she's made that very clear!"

Winifred has carers who come to the home a few times a week to assist the great grandmother with washing and house work, while a gardener works to maintain her front and back garden.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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