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Woman leaves date after finding an ungodly amount of shampoo in his shower

Velentina Boulter

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A woman has been left gobsmacked after noticing an obscene amount of shampoo bottles in her date's shower.

Jordan McNally took to TikTok to share her rather unique discovery after going back to her date's house.

She captioned the video: "What does it mean?!?!? #herbalessences #sponsorhim #redflag."

“I just got to his house and I'm in his bathroom,” Jordan whispers to viewers. “What the f**k is this?”


The video then pans to show a shower stool with 17 bottles of shampoo on it.

“There's 17 bottles…. SEVENTEEN!!!!” reads the text in the video.

For anyone wondering, all 17 of the shampoo bottles appear to be the same Herbal Essence shampoo, though there’s a bit of variety with the scent.

Is this a red flag? Credit: TikTok/@missmcnallyyy
Is this a red flag? Credit: TikTok/@missmcnallyyy

In case things weren’t weird enough already, the majority of the bottles have been opened and contain different amounts of remaining shampoo.

The absurd collection of shampoos has sent the internet into a frenzy, with the video reaching over one million likes after being viewed 8.4 million times.

After revealing the 17 shampoo bottles, Jordan adds: “I’m about to fake a family emergency and dip,” followed by a line of red flag emojis.

Many have flocked to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts on the bizarre discovery.


One user joked: "Clearly he’s the guy from maths problems."

A second added: "Run, there is no logical explanation, no pro could outweigh this con."

While a third attempted to defend her date and said: "What in the Costco buy-one-get-one-free is going on."

Another commented: "There’s absolutely no way I would be able to stop myself from directly asking."

The woman is yet to give an update on the situation. Credit: TikTok/@missmcnallyyy
The woman is yet to give an update on the situation. Credit: TikTok/@missmcnallyyy

While no explanation or follow-up TikTok has been given by Jordan or her mysterious shampoo-obsessed date, the comment section is filled with everyone’s best detective work.

"The literal only excuse is a prank played on him by someone," said one user.

Another added: "I’m an extreme couponer and I can’t even explain this… like why are they all open at once???"


A final user tried to rationalise the abundance of shampoo, saying: "He may work at a hotel. They often just throw away the used bottles, which is a huge waste. He may be a sustainable king."

Until there’s another update on the meaning of this sizeable shampoo collection or Jordan reveals the outcome of her date, viewers will just have to wait to have their burning questions answered.

Topics: Social Media, TikTok, Viral, Weird, Sex and Relationships

Velentina Boulter
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