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Woman left in an absolute state after trip to the dentist and it's terrifying

Woman left in an absolute state after trip to the dentist and it's terrifying

Following a trip to the dentist, a woman was left with a swollen left side of her face - which is quite terrifying

A woman was left in an absolute state after a trip to the dentist, and people are terrified of it.

For a lot of us, a trip to the dentist does not exactly bring excitement - especially as a child.

Whether it's the funny smell, the worry of a filling or even an extraction, a lot of us dread it.

Well, this one woman will certainly be dreading dentist trips going forward, as footage posted of her following an appointment is quite frankly terrifying.

The video was posted to the Reddit from the user who goes by the name of OtherwiseOrchids, captioning it with 'how was your dentist today'.

In this video, a man films who presumably is his partner in the car after returning from the dentist.

He asks her how it went, and as the woman turns her head towards the camera, the whole left side of her face is swollen.

This isn't just swollen though, this is really badly, terrifying swollen - to the point where you'd think a doctor was required.

It does sound like the woman is crying, but at one point you do hear her say 'I can't stop laughing'.

The woman's left side is that swollen that her lip is way closer to her nose than it should be, and her teeth are visible at all times.

The man jokingly asks, 'can you give me a nice big smile', which to her credit the woman takes well.

People are terrified by the woman's swollen face.

With the left eye struggling to stay open, the woman attempts to have a drink - which we doubt was advised by the dentists so soon after leaving.

Even though the woman previously said she was laughing, it really does sound like she is crying at this point, as she attempts to have a swig of the drink.

The drugs must still be in full affect at this point though, as she tries to drink it with the lid still on.

Later in the video, the woman revealed she was numbed twice before the surgery and that still didn't stop the intense pain.

The bizarre video ends with the woman giving up on the drink, with the man in hysterics.

Many people have taken to the comment section of the Reddit post to discuss the video, with one person even suggesting what might have caused it.

The woman attempted to have a drink despite the surgery.

They said: "Looks like facial hemi paralysis because the facial nerve was anesthetized during dental treatment."

A second added: "This is more like…oddly terrifying? Freaks me out to see her face like that."

And a third said: "The sense of humour on this girl!"

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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