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Woman's Family Refuse To Speak To Her After She Spent $70,000 Turning Herself Into Human Barbie

Woman's Family Refuse To Speak To Her After She Spent $70,000 Turning Herself Into Human Barbie

Jessy has claimed her family has blocked her calls

A 21-year-old has said her family will no longer speak to her after she spent $70,000 (£55,670) on cosmetic surgery to transform her appearance.

German-born Jessica, who goes by the name Jessy Bunny, lays out her measurements in her bio on Instagram, where she describes herself as a fashion model with a cup size of '2000 [cubic centimetres] and growing'.

Having undergone three breast enhancements in as many years, Jessy currently has a cup size of 75N, eleven times the size of a D cup. Over the years she claims to have spent approximately $73,000 (£58,000) on surgery, having also had an operation on her nose and procedures to plump up her lips and bum.

Jessy has spent thousands to transform her body.
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The model told the Austrian newspaper Heute she can imagine 'having several more surgeries', but her transformation has not been met favourably by her family members, who she says have blocked her phone calls and ignored her text messages.

"This is so sad as I’d love to be in touch, especially with my brother and my grandparents. I just don’t understand why they behave that way just because I’ve changed my physical appearance," she said.

Heute accompanied Jessy to a recent appointment with Dr Victor Boulgaropoulos, nicknamed Dr Bo, a renowned Vienna-based plastic surgeon who performed a lip job on the 21-year-old.

Jessy took an alpaca cuddly toy with her to the procedure and admitted she was 'quite nervous', saying: "I’m so afraid of needles.”

However, she went through with it, explaining: "Having the biggest silicone breasts in Austria just isn’t enough for me. I want the most voluminous lips in the whole country too."

The model began her transformation shortly after leaving home at the age of 17, and paid for her first breast enhancement with money her parents had given her to take driving lessons. She remembered pretending to be 'cool and solid' as a teenager, but said in reality she 'never was'.

"I had short dark hair, many piercings and dreadlocks. But that wasn’t my true self," she said, adding: "My parents had very conservative opinions concerning education. Whenever I wore sexy clothes in summer it was like a nightmare for them. They handed me silk scarves to cover my cleavage."

Jessy has said her first breast enhancement gave her a 'huge confidence boost', and she now wants to turn her body into a 'total Barbie doll body'.

She also describes getting up in the morning and feeling happy and comfortable in her own skin as feeling 'just wonderful'.

Though her family don't approve, Jessy regularly receives praise from many of her 85,000 followers on Instagram. She also has her own OnlyFans page, on which she posts adult content not suitable for social media.

Featured Image Credit: jessy.bunny/Instagram

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