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Woman stunned after being told to sleep in same bed as her employees during work trip

Woman stunned after being told to sleep in same bed as her employees during work trip

One employee really wasn't impressed by the idea of sharing a bed with her co-workers

We all want to have a good bond with our colleagues, but sleeping in the same bed might be a bit close for comfort.

So you can imagine how stunned this woman was when the company she works for told her she would be bunking with all of her workmates while heading on a work trip to Paris.

The woman, known as @co.letter online, shared a video to TikTok explaining she had received quite a shocking email from her firm's HR department.

She said that she 'had to read the email like three times over' because she was so taken aback by the contents of it.

In the clip, she claimed that the correspondence read: "You will notice in the survey that you have the option to share a room with a colleague, be advised that at present booking status, there is only one bed in the room."

I mean, that is a pretty bleak set of circumstances.

Imagine top and tailing with your team as well as having only one bathroom between you - it's a recipe for disaster.

The woman was left stunned by the HR email.

The employee, from New Jersey, US, claimed that the HR department did allow everyone who received the email to not answer the question about the sleeping arrangements in the survey if they preferred not to.

Discussing the prospect of the future work trip to France, she continued: "That was an option... Suggested, encouraged - HR was like typing that up, sending it, drinking their glass of wine."

She suggested that the people who work in her unknown employers HR department must simply be 'bored or they want to save money'.

The woman joked that if the corporate retreat went ahead and everyone had to share a room, it would surely make a 'good book' and added: "I hope this video lands on an author's page and then they can FaceTime me after I go on this trip."

The prospect of sharing a room with her co-workers didn't sit well with her.

"I didn't know that this was even possible in a corporate setting," she said.

Social media users were just as confused by the company's money-saving suggestion, with some saying that the mere thought of it 'feels illegal' and others shared their own similar experiences.

One laughed: "Yeah, I knew someone who had to share a room and their coworker brought someone home to pound town."

Another said they would never share a room with a colleague, even if it was their 'work BFF'.

Replying to one of the comments, the TikToker joked: "Multiple people in my company end up dating and WE WONDER WHY - HR lovessss a good rom com."

It would be a good origin story for a romantic relationship, to be fair.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/co.letter

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