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Frequent flyer says you should always sit in the worst seat on a long flight

Frequent flyer says you should always sit in the worst seat on a long flight

"I discovered what true airline love is about"

When it comes to choosing a plane seat, we all have certain areas we favour over others. Some prefer a window seat or always opt for an aisle. And while some passengers prefer sitting towards the front of the plane, others might favour the middle.

But one frequent flyer has claimed to have found 'the best seat on the plane' after an uncomfortable incident involving another passenger kicking the back of his chair for the entire flight.

Writing on, John Burfitt explained he now chooses what many would perceive to be the 'worst seat', arguing that in fact, it's secretly the best choice.

Burfitt explained that he discovered the seat after a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles - which takes around 14 hours. He explained that 'every few minutes' the passenger behind would cross her legs, stretch, or wriggle, bashing her knees and feet into the back of his chair.

Despite asking politely if she could be more careful, the kicking continued. But while on the way to the bathroom, he noticed a solution.

The back row is apparently the best place to be.
David Gee 4/Alamy Stock Photo

"I spotted the solution in the look of contentment from the people in the back row of the cabin," he wrote.

"[...] In that instant, I decided the back row would be the only place I would sit on a long flight from now on.

"Sure enough, on my next flight, I booked into the back row of the cabin and, even better, my seat was the one right next to the window.

"As I nestled into that corner, I discovered what true airline love is about. I had just found the best seat on the plane."

Burfitt always opts for a window seat, too.
vasa/Alamy Stock Photo

Burfitt went on to explain the benefits of a back row seat - and it makes so much sense.

Not only is there no-one behind you - therefore no seat kicking - but you are totally tucked away and if you do want to nod off for a bit, it's likely to be less disruptive than other areas of the plane.

Many shy away from the back of the plane due to its proximity to the toilets, but another benefit is that you also might actually end up disembarking from the flight more quickly if you're positioned at the rear.

Burfitt added that he has 'happily paid extra' to be able to book the back row corner seat, and has even changed travel dates in order to secure it.

We know which seat we're booking on our next flight!

Featured Image Credit: Juan Napurí/Manu Padilla/Alamy

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