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Wrestling fans left gobsmacked over how X-rated WWE games were back in the day

Wrestling fans left gobsmacked over how X-rated WWE games were back in the day

Some of the scenes didn't involve much wrestling

For many of us, playing WWE games was a big part of growing up. To be honest, school just got in the way of my wrestling career mode.

Though looking back now, they may not have been that appropriate for kids.

See for yourself here:

A video shared by Wrestling Pics & Clips shows Triple H and Torrie Wilson in the locker room, with the latter being very suggestive indeed.

"Maybe I could escort you down to the ring tonight," she says. "And later, if you want, we could team up again."

Now, I can't be sure whether the ring part of that sentence was meant as an innuendo, but the teaming up bit definitely was.

Anyway, the superstars don't wait till later to 'team up' with Torrie stripping down to her underwear and snogging Triple H.

This isn't wrestling.

And just in case that wasn't enough for a wrestling game, they then hop into the shower together, and we see Torrie's bra get flung on to the floor.

It's pretty full on, and definitely not wrestling, but no doubt many of us found it riveting growing up.

Commenting on the clip, one person wrote: "You just hella unlocked a memory"

Another said: "will never see days like this again lol"

While a third added: "Of course this is the part my mom would walk in on"

And someone else just said: "Hahahahah WTF LOL"

Nowadays, WWE games have changed. Indeed, WWE has also changed too.

Back in the day, there were 'bra and panties' matches.

Vince McMahon even made Trish Stratus strip down to her knickers and bark like a dog in. It's hard to believe these sorts of shenanigans were happening so recently in truth.

Triple H - real name Paul Levesque - still works for the WWE as the company's chief content officer.

He recently sat down with SPORTbible to sample some snacks, including Logan Paul's Prime hydration drink.

"I will admit, this does taste a little medicinal," the 53-year-old said.

"It's like drinking cough syrup... I do feel like I won't cough for hours."

Featured Image Credit: Yukes

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