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Aaron Paul to change child's name just seven months after birth

Aaron Paul to change child's name just seven months after birth

The baby was previously named Casper Emerson Paul

Aaron Paul is looking to change his child's name just seven months after he was born, according to a filed petition seen by TMZ.

The Breaking Bad star welcomed their second child - a baby boy - into the world with his wife Lauren Parsekian earlier this year.

Sharing a picture of the newborn on Instagram, he wrote: "So happy you are out in this world you beautiful boy you. I promise to make you proud little guy.

"We have been absorbing this baby boy for the last month and feel it’s time to finally share the news of his arrival. We love you endlessly."

As demonstrated in new legal documents obtained by the outlet, the couple are now looking to change their kid's name from Casper Emerson Paul to Ryden Caspian Paul.

And while that's certainly fair enough – deciding on a name can be tricky – it turns out the Jesse Pinkman star is also securing his own name.

The actor's real surname is Sturtevant, which was switched to Paul to make it easier on his career.

The Breaking Bad star and his wife welcomed their second child into the world earlier this year.

Now, he's set legally change his surname to Paul – oh, and his wife is looking to take on the Paul surname too.

I mean, if you're going to do it, might as well do them all at once, eh?

As for why they're giving their boy a new moniker, the couple said they were made to give a name at the hospital and so went with Casper Emerson.

However, they later realised they prefer Ryden Caspian, the name they've been using for him on social media.

Back in April, the actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about the birth of his son and what it was like to reunite with Bryan Cranston on the upcoming season of Better Call Saul.

Ryden is the second child for Paul and his wife, after their four-year-old daughter Story Annabelle.

Paul said his daughter is ‘madly in love’ with her new brother, adding: "[She] can't squeeze him enough. Like, lays on top of him, suffocates him. It’s her doll."

The actor and his wife, Lauren, already share a four-year-old daughter together.

The actor also disclosed the extremely special relationship his good friend Cranston will be sharing with his newborn son.

"I asked Bryan on his birthday if he would be our baby's godfather," he said.

Paul joked that Cranston initially turned down the offer, adding: "No, he's very excited, very honoured. I love the man to death.

"He's one of my best friends in the world, and, so yeah, it was just a no-brainer."

Featured Image Credit: @aaronpaul/Instagram

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