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What is Adam Conover's Net Worth in 2022?

What is Adam Conover's Net Worth in 2022?

Conover has returned to our screen with his new series 'The G Word', but how much is he worth?

Adam Conover is an American comedian, writer, voice actor and television host, who is most well known from his creation of the half-hour truTV show Adam Ruins Everything that was released in 2015, and he hosted until 2019.  

But fret not, Conover is back! His new Netflix satirical documentary, The G Word With Adam Conover, has just been released on their platform, arriving on the 19th May and is already receiving great reviews. 

Now Conover has returned to our screen it leaves us wondering how much is he worth? 

Adam Conover’s Net Worth: 

As of 2022, multiple sources (such as agree that Adam Conover’s net worth is estimated at somewhere in between 0.5 to 1 Million dollars. 

He accumulated most of his wealth from his show, Adam Ruins Everything, but In addition to this he has several other projects, including a podcast, other shows, a YouTube channel, and an online merchandise shop.

Adam Conover was born in 1983 in Smithtown, New York and grew up with his sister and his scientist parents, leaving himself to describe himself as "the only member of the family without a Ph.D”. But Adam’s love for the performing arts started early when he was attending Bard College. It was then in 2012 where his career really began. After he started working as a sketch comedy writer and performer for the comedy channel CollegeHumor, he then eventually created the web series that would go on to become the popular show, Adam Ruins Everything. Since then Conover has voiced several characters in the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman, and created the new Earwolf podcast Factually. Also, since 2020 Conover has hosted the American Adaptation of the classic family game show, The Crystal Maze.

Adam Conover on stage at The Comedy Comedy Festival.

On his program, Adam Ruins Everything, Adam spent years using deep research combined with a splash of comedy to give audiences a dose of reality on all sorts of topics. But although this show is no longer running, fans of the programme will be happy to know his unique style of comedic documentary is back! On The G Word With Adam Conover, which is produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions, is now on Netflix. Conover discusses the good and bad aspects of various government agencies in the series. The shows have initially received great reviews with fans and critics liking its comedic aspects whilst also feeling like it was “a genuine attempt to educate the public.”

With this show hoping to draw in lots of viewers worldwide, Adam can hopefully look forward to both a boost in his popularity and his net worth. 

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