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Alison Brie runs through hotel completely naked to shock husband Dave Franco

Alison Brie runs through hotel completely naked to shock husband Dave Franco

That's one way to surprise your husband!

Alison Brie ditched her clothes and ran through a hotel corridor naked to surprise her husband, Dave Franco. And judging by the footage, her prank totally worked. Watch below:

The Mad Men alum, 40, sprinted down the hallway completely nude before knocking on the door of a room occupied by her 21 Jump Street star husband, 37.

Although he’s probably seen his wife naked a few times over the years, even he was shocked.

As Franco watched in disbelief as Brie jumped up and down in excitement, the person behind the camera couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle.

“Get out of the hall,” he finally says after a few seconds of silence.

“I’ve done three laps already,” she teases.

People thought the prank was hilarious, although some fans raised a few important questions.

The couple have released a film together.
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“Dude is married to her, so why is he looking away?” one lad asked, while a second follower commented: “So… someone is filming her naked in front of her husband,” with a confused emoji.

Another Instagram user quipped: “The security in the hotel are definitely looking at the vids.”

While a fourth commenter joked: “Imagine you pop out of your room to get ice and Alison Brie runs by naked.”

Someone else confessed: “Anyone else cringing at her running around in bare feet though?”

The prank was inspired by the poster of the couple’s recently-released film Somebody I Used to Know.

Back in January, the Community star shared the poster which sees her running through a field by a lake without any clothes on.

The strategically placed logo for the movie covers up her nether region while a ripples in the lake distort her nude reflection.

Somebody I Used to Know is a romantic comedy starring Brie as a successful TV producer named Ally.

It tells the story of Ally, who is a workaholic, going on a trip and returning to her hometown which leads to her reminiscing about her past relationship with her ex Sean (played by Insecure star Jay Ellis).

Ally soon learns that her ex is getting married to a woman named Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons), who reminds her of the person she used to be hence the title.

This makes her question every aspect of her life.

Brie recreated the movie's poster.

Franco and Brie co-wrote the film, which was directed solely by the Now You See Me actor.

So, now you have to watch the film otherwise Brie ran through the hotel naked for nothing.

Somebody I Used to Know is available to stream on Amazon Prime right now.

Featured Image Credit: @alisonbrie/Instagram

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