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Amy Schumer admits people ‘gasped’ when they saw 'huge' John Cena in Trainwreck sex scene

Amy Schumer admits people ‘gasped’ when they saw 'huge' John Cena in Trainwreck sex scene

Cena's appearance in the film leaves little to the imagination

Amy Schumer has shared some intimate details about what it took to create the raunchy sex scene between herself and John Cena in the 2015 film Trainwreck.

As a Hollywood A-lister, only a select few people will really have the chance to get to know John Cena.

Even less will ever have the chance to get intimate with him - if you don't count all the people he's tossed around the wrestling ring, that is.

But comedian and actor Schumer is one of those people.

Trainwreck sees Schumer take on the role of a party girl, also called Amy, who at the start of the movie is dating 'gym-addict' Steven, played by Cena.

As it would hardly be a 15-rated rom-com without a bit of awkward sex, and that's exactly what the pair get up to in the film.

The stars really committed to the scene, with Schumer even going as far to joke afterwards that Cena was 'actually inside her' while shooting, and fans even get a glimpse of the former wrestler's bum.

Reflecting on the scene after the Trainwreck premiere, Schumer told E! News: "He's huge. People just gasped."

Schumer and Cena get very close in the scene.
Universal Pictures

And huge is definitely the right word - at least as far as the film would have you believe.

In one shot, taking place after Amy and Steven have gotten down and dirty, we see Cena standing naked, with just a towel being used to cover little John.

The thing is, the towel isn't wrapped around Cena's waist. Instead, it appears to be hanging off Steven's still-erect penis.

The shot really emphasises what Steven has to offer - but Schumer has admitted that it was actually the result of a some impressive prop work.

John Cena in Trainwreck.
Universal Pictures

"I think it was part of a broomstick," Schumer explained. "Jimmy was our prop guy and he was whittling one day. I was like, 'What you doing, Jimmy? What you working on?' He was like, 'I'm making John's erection'."

Schumer has joked in the past that one of her 'major regrets' about the scene was that she 'didn't get to feel [Cena's] balls', though she did at least learn enough to be able to describe his bum as 'a whole universe'.

Cena himself has also previously admitted that the sex scene was 'uncomfortable' - especially since he 'never thought [he] would get the part in the first place'.

But he commended his scene partner for being 'fantastic', adding: "Everyone embraced the comedy."

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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