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People think Armenia's Eurovision song says 'fart in my face'

People think Armenia's Eurovision song says 'fart in my face'

The misheard lyric from Armenia's Brunette is sending social media into a frenzy

Eurovision Song Contest fans have been left stumped after mishearing lyrics from Armenian entry 'Brunette'.

The Eurovision Grand Finale is taking place tonight (13 May) and there have already been some sterling performances from the likes of Spain, Serbia, and 2012 Eurovision winner, Loreen from Sweden.

The national European music competition is being held at Liverpool’s M&S Arena and is being broadcast live by the BBC.

However, Eurovision superfans have been left puzzled after Armenia’s Brunette - real name Elen Yeremyan - took to the stage this evening to perform her entry, ‘Future Lover’.

Following the powerful rendition, fans across Europe were quick to hop on social media to question whether Brunette was actually asking the crowd to do perform a not-so-pleasant act.

Armenia's Brunette's lyrics has some people confused.

The actual lyrics to ‘Future Lover’ are: “I wanna’ scream and shout/ My heart caught in chains/ Cold heart, cold hands, fire in my veins / Fire in my veins, heart in chains”.

However, watchers are mishearing the lyric ‘Fire in my veins’ as ‘Fart in my face’.

One Reddit user wrote: “For some reason the first time I heard ‘Future Lover’, I thought Brunette was saying ‘Fart in my face’ instead of ‘Fire in my veins’ and ‘I still have the coldest ass’ instead of ‘Hands’.

"Maybe there is something wrong with my brain."

Elsewhere, a Twitter user took to social media to question: “Is the Albanian song saying ‘Fart in my face’?” while another said, “Sorry, but I heard ‘Fart in my face’ there.”

A third tweeted: “It’s unfortunate that ‘Fire in my veins’ sounds alarmingly like ‘Fart in my face.’ That aside, Armenia has a great Eurovision song.”

While another Twitter user said: “ Armenia ‘fart in my face’ is an interesting lyric. This song started out nice but forgettable and then it went somewhere else entirely and I wish I could forget it.”

However, it turns out that it’s not just Armenia’s Brunette who is causing confusion, as fans have also been getting mixed up with a few more lyrics.

Many viewers thought she said 'fart on my face'.

One Reddit user said: “In Israel, there’s one from ‘Carpe Diem’, the first line of the chorus sounds like he is saying in Hebrew ‘Who here wants to knead Ali’s place’. Also ‘Blood and glitter, Satan’s dinner.”

Another agreed and wrote: “I heard ‘Satan’s sinner' in ‘Blood & Glitter’ until I learnt it was ‘Saint and sinner’ which makes more sense within the context of the lyrics.”

Also regarding the German song ‘Blood & Glitter’ entry, another fan wrote: “Wait WHAT it’s not ‘Satan’s sinner’? I found that such an epic like. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.”

Armenia is yet to win Eurovision and their highest-ever placement is 4th, which they achieved in both 2008 and 2014.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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