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What Is Barry Manilow's Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Barry Manilow's Net Worth In 2022?

Manilow made headlines following his awkward encounter with Alison Hammond, but what is he worth?

Barry Manilow, 78, is an American singer-songwriter who has had an enormously successful career spanning seven decades, with major hits including “Copacabana”, “Can’t smile without you” and “I Write the Songs” (a song which he didn’t actually write). 

Manilow has made headlines after experiencing some slightly awkward questioning on This Morning. Presenter Alison Hammond, who was filling in for Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, was responsible for these cringeworthy questions and has form when it comes to putting major celebrities in confusing situations during her interviews

Hammond initially complimented Manilow, saying ‘firstly, you look incredible’ before asking the singer, who has undergone significant plastic surgery, ‘What is the secret? You are not telling what the secret is’. 

Manilow failed to address the elephant in the room and simply responded ‘It's luck, it’s just blind luck’. Manilow has been famous since the 1960s, Frank Sinatra himself was once quoted as saying ‘he’s next’ after seeing Manilow perform. Even legends such as Manilow are not immune to awkward questions and uncomfortable media appearances. 

With Barry Manilow once again in the spotlight many are wondering, after such a long and successful career, how much is the star worth?

What Is Barry Manilow’s Net Worth?

Barry Manilow has a net worth is $100 million (£79 million), according to celebritynetworth.

This extreme wealth is a result of his fifty-one top 40 singles, including thirteen number ones. 

Manilow has recorded thirteen platinum albums, albums that have sold over 1,000,000 copies, including six multi-platinums, which have sold at least 2,000,000 copies. 

In addition to his hugely profitable release of recorded music, Manilow has earned significant funds as a result of live performances. In 1984 he performed live shows for ten nights consecutively in Las Vegas, grossing over $2 million at the box office. 

Whilst some awkward questioning may be somewhat uncomfortable for the star, his $100 million will probably help to ease the pain.

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