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What Is Ben Affleck’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Ben Affleck’s Net Worth In 2022?

With a career shimmering with success, how much is Ben Affleck worth in 2022?

Ben Affleck is an American actor, screenwriter, director and producer and has starred in some of the world’s largest and most famous blockbuster movies and franchises. 

The timeless classic that really launched Affleck’s career was the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’, which he acted in and co-wrote with his close friend Matt Damon. Surprisingly, the script for the movie began as a 40 page assignment for Damon’s screenwriting class at Harvard University, but when the two began living together they worked in harmony and expanded it into a screenplay. The movie was released in 1997 and turned the two into overnight stars.

Aflleck’s time in the industry has seen him act in many equally successful films, with the movie ‘Armageddon’ being an obvious example. Other acclaimed films that the 49 year-old has starred in include ‘Argo’, ‘Gone Girl’, ‘Hollywoodland’ and ‘Gone Baby Gone’

With a career shimmering with success, how much is Ben Affleck’s net worth in 2022?

Ben Affleck Net Worth 2022:

According to celebritynetworth, the actor has a whopping net worth of a $150 million dollars and considering some of the big name movies he has been involved with, the figure is unsurprising.

Ironically, one of Afflecks largest paychecks was the $15 million he earned from acting in the 2003 movie ‘Paycheck’. Throughout his career, the American has had countless other impressive paydays from movies, including a cool $10 million for both ‘Gigli’ and ‘Daredevil’, despite the latter being labeled a serious flop by many critics.

Affleck’s trophy cabinet is glittered with awards from his time in the industry. He won Academy

Awards for ‘Good Will Hunting’ (best original screenplay, shared with Matt Damon) and ‘Argo’ (best picture). He has also received Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Screen Actor Guild Awards for those two movies almost exclusively.

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