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There’s A Wild Conspiracy That Billie Eilish Joined The Illuminati

Lisa McLoughlin

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There’s A Wild Conspiracy That Billie Eilish Joined The Illuminati

While fans are eagerly awaiting Billie Eilish’s headline Glastonbury set on Friday, 24 June, there’s a wild conspiracy theory floating around social media that she has joined the Illuminati.

Stick with us while we explain.

The Illuminati is an alleged and elusive organisation that is said to want revolutionise the planet with a 'New World Order'.

Conspiracy theorists have long believed that Kanye West, Beyoncé and Jay Z, are some of the organisation’s celebrity members, claiming they communicate with people through secret symbols in their songs and music videos.

There's a wild conspiracy theory that Billie Eilish is part of the Illuminati. Credit: Alamy
There's a wild conspiracy theory that Billie Eilish is part of the Illuminati. Credit: Alamy

Now Eilish is the latest famous face being associated with the secret society based on her music video ‘All The Good Girls Go To Hell’.

TikTok channel Conspiracy Central dived into the theory last month and questioned whether it was her use of ‘bat wings’ that got theorists’ pointing fingers her way.

In spiritual sense, bats symbolise someone who is 'aware of their own states of consciousness' and they represent 'both death and life, endings and beginnings', according to worldbirds.com.


What that has to do with the Illuminati, we must admit we’re a little lost.

Back to the video, one member of the hosting duo began: "Everybody thinks she joined the illuminati literally based on her last music video 'All The Good Girls Go To Hell'.

"In that music video, it’s all apocalyptic and stuff so everybody's like, 'oh end of the world and she's taking over' because she has these huge wings, which to me look like a giant bat.


"So, everybody's freaking out about it but also like how much creative control does she have over her music videos?

"Honestly at this point, probably a lot because the way she started was super underground so I'm guessing she's done things on her own terms this whole time, right?"

To which the other presenter asked: "What does the bat have to do with it?"

"It's a sign," the first woman said. "I don't know, destruction?"


Her co-presenter asked: "Of what? Isn't there a symbol?" alluding to the triangle shape people do with their hands to symbolise the secret society.


Interestingly in the comments under the video, the majority of users agreed with the bizarre theory.

One wrote: "You’re pretty much on track and look thru celebs instagrams and we’re they’re doing promotions check out how they always have the 1 eye symbolism [sic]."


"Illuminati is meant to be a secret so celebs don’t admit to lots of things," another posted.

However, a fan pointed out that the song is in fact about global warming, writing: "lol that song is about climate change, it's funny lol think this [sic]."

"She didn't join the illuminati she jus a girl learning to be a woman , ur perspective creates ur world view so if u see something u got prob [sic]," another commented.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/Instagram/billieeilish

Topics: Billie Eilish, Celebrity, Conspiracy Theory

Lisa McLoughlin
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