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Black Mirror Season 6: Release Date, Casting, and New Details

Black Mirror Season 6: Release Date, Casting, and New Details

It’s been 3 years since season 5 of Netflix’s Black Mirror was realeased but fans might not have to wait too much longer for season 6

 Since first appearing on our screens in 2011, Black Mirror has had five critically acclaimed seasons, impressing viewers with its ability to seemingly predict the future. The show explores (with disturbing accuracy) the dangers of developments in science and technology, with even its name commenting on how we are glued to our phone screens.

Luckily the dystopian Sci-Fi drama will be back on our screens soon with a sixth season. It has been three years since Season 5 came out and given our propensity for binging Netflix series’ in a matter of days, three years is a long time to wait.

 However, we might not have to wait that much longer. Here is everything we know about the upcoming release of Black Mirror Season 6:

What is Black Mirror Season 6’s release date?

Variety reports that a new series of Black Mirror is ‘in the works’ at Netflix. While we cannot confirm an official release date for Season 6, we do know that Netflix has starting casting for the new season and so, hopefully more information will emerge as they begin filming. 

Variety also reports after speaking to a source close to production: the ‘latest season is even more cinematic in scope, with each instalment being treated as an individual film’.

Who is in the cast for Black Mirror Season 6?

The first five seasons of Black Mirror have included high-profile casts, featuring the likes of John Hamm and Will Poulter. The most recent season had possibly the most distinguished cast, including Sherlock and Fleabag star Andrew Scott, Avenger’s Infinity War hero, Anthony Mackie, and even Miley Cyrus

The show’s reputation for hiring illustrious actors has left viewers wondering who will be gracing their screens for Season 6. While we do not know for sure who will be in the cast of Season 6, we do know that is unlikely to disappoint. 

How many episodes will Black Mirror Season 6 have?

Previous seasons of Black Mirror have had varying numbers of episodes. Season 3 and 4 had 6 episodes which was the highest number so far. However, the last season had only 3 episodes in total. This raises questions over how many installments there will be for the upcoming season. 

We do know that it is going to have more episodes than the previous season, meaning that it will be at least four. Variety also reported that each episode will be ‘treated as an individual film’, suggesting that they might be over 60 minutes in length. 

While we do not have all the answers, we do know that Black Mirror Season 6 is on the way and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival. 


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